Working At Home The Hardest Part Of Being Your Own Boss Is Maintaining Focus - Being your own boss brings many rewards and freedom is probably the greatest but you have to learn how to use that freedom if you are to avoid losing focus.

Where Is Your Life Going - You can either accept your life the way it is now, or, you can get on the path to where you really desire your life to go.

Motivation to Exercise Secrets - Obesity plays a big role in our society today.

Body Joy - How to get our bodies out of a stagnant rut, due to stress and overwork.

Tip To Overcome Procrastination - There is a great quote I once stumbled across on procrastination that states "Hard work often pays off after time, But laziness always pays of now".

What is your daily intention - For me, an intention means something I want to have happen in my life or business.

Without Integrating Enjoyment Youll Suffocate - Have you got too many deadlines and too much multi-tasking to make them happen? You can learn to integrate your activities and by weaving some fun into your way-too-long To-Do List, create both enjoyment and productivity.

Can you Manifest a Thousand Dollars Right Now Using This - Attract Abundance with this visualization to magnetize a thousand dollars.

Your Lifes Little Helper - Imagine you are a movie star, playing a role on the amazing stage called Earth.

How To Live A Life Of Joy - Living a life of joy is when you hit your stride; when everything comes together and you stop looking into the future to find happiness and realize that you have happiness right now.

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