Can you Manifest a Thousand Dollars Right Now Using This

Some folks have claimed that not only can you manifest a thousand dollars using this technique that can influence the subconscious mind, but that you can indeed magnetize untold riches. What is the technique? The technique involves visualizing your desired outcome with an element of emotion attached. A Thousand Dollar Visualization Meditation The ability to visualize is increasingly recognized as a key component in attaining one's desires. Visualization meditations focused on attracting abundance should therefore be one part of a wealth creation strategy.

(A great book complete with examples visualizations is Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization.) Here we offer a creative visualization designed to magnetize money into your life - in this case one thousand dollars. It is generally agreed that in order to make visualizations more effective the element of emotion should be attached to the visualization. Scientists note that we are more apt to remember events that have been highly charged emotionally.

Therefore, before proceeding with this manifestation take a moment to remember a time of great joy or happiness. Attach that memory of joy or elation to this money meditation. This abundance meditation will now be much more powerful. To begin, relax and feel the energy of abundance flow into you. You are relaxed and energized and can feel waves of prosperity entering your life.

You are now open to receiving abundance in your life. You are mentally ready to receive whatever amount of wealth that comes to you. With more wealth in your life you can give generously to others to perpetuate the cycle of wealth and abundance. In your mind's eye see yourself magnetizing $1000 into your life now.

See it coming quickly. Be open to receiving an extra $1000 in your life. In your mind's eye, notice that once you receive this extra windfall you will consider donating 10% of it to help others. Know also that the universe will be all the more likely to fulfill your request knowing that you will be helping others in the process. Now visualize this extra $1000 flowing into your life now.

Be open to receiving it in whatever form it comes, be it from pay raises, increased business, unexpected bonuses, gifts, lotteries, etc. Just know and expect that you are magnetizing this extra $1000 now. Feel that the universe wants you to have this extra money knowing that as you receive more money in your life you'll be giving more. You are now open to receiving an extra $1000 into your life.

Repeat to yourself, I am magnetizing an extra $1000 into my life now. I am open to receiving this money now. I will graciously accept any extra money that comes into my life. Share the Wealth Now, let's Visualize One of Your Family or Friends or someone you know who could use the extra income. The laws of the universe seem to indicate that the more we give to and help others the more the universe reciprocates in kind to us.

I'm saying this to plant the seed in your mind that anytime you are helping others it Will come back to you multiplied. Let that germinate and know that everytime you start sending the energy of wealth, abundance, success, healing, joy, etc., to someone else, that your life will also be filled with more of the like. (This is a powerful technique you can use to actually change how people react to you as well - try sending good energy to those you interact with.) Therefore, you can magnetize more wealth and attract abundance for yourself not only by engaging in wealth visualizations for yourself but for others as well! Combine the two and you magnify the power of the meditation.

So, now picture an extra $1000 flowing into the lives of the person or persons you are picturing now. Each and every one of them receiving an extra $1000 in some way, shape or form. Know that this money will be a nice benefit for them. Expect it to happen.

$1000 coming to you. $1000 dollars coming to them. The universe has an abundant supply of wealth. A thousand dollars is flowing into your life, see it happening. A thousand dollars is flowing into their lives.

As you send this energy out to others know that the Universe is intelligent enough to find and bless those for whom the message is intended. Believe it and see it in your mind. Know that the powerful flow of abundance radiates from you to your family and friends. Both you and they are being magically transformed into magnets for wealth, success and abundant love. You both now attract more and more gold, money, cash, coins, and all manner of golden opportunities to you.

You also radiate a spiritual power that all are attracted to. Feel yourself becoming a magnet of attraction for all manner of power, success, wealth, health, and love. Feel the transformation occurring now. You are a magnet of wealth.

Others want to give to you and you gladly and graciously accept their generosity. In turn, you become more and more generous, sharing your ever-increasing wealth and success with others in your life. Inwardly acknowledge the power of this affirmation of abundance. Know that you have the mind power to manifest this money and know that the universe wants you to have it.

Then once you receive it remember to share some of it with others!.

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