What is your daily intention

That sounds like a loaded question doesn't it? I am realizing, through different mentors that I have been studying with, that I need to set my intention every day for my business and life. It has been an interesting journey for me as I learn about intentions. According to Wikipedia intention means; an agent's intention in performing an action is their specific purpose in doing so, the end or goal they aim at, or intend to accomplish. Whether an action is successful or unsuccessful depends at least on whether the intended result was brought about. Other consequences of someone's acting are called unintentional. Intentional behavior can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness.

For me, an intention means something I want to have happen in my life or business. As I write them down each day, I really try to feel that the goal or intention is happening now. Then I watch to see if any positive evidences of that set intention appear. During the time that I have been setting my daily intentions, I have seen some evidences that my intentions are appearing. My goals are coming to fruition.

What are your intentions? Do you intend to be wealthy? Do you intend to be healthy? Do you intend to bring more joy into your life? Do you intend to have a successful business? I think you get the point. If you are interested in bringing more positive results in your life, my suggestion to you is to: 1. Really take the time and sit down every morning and write what you intentions are. Try to feel that intention in action as you write.

I often relate this to writing an order to the universe! 2. Think about what you are grateful for and write that down to. Being grateful for your life as it appears now will allow more to come in. 3.

Celebrate any positive outcomes that occur. Keep a success journal to write down all the positive emotions or things that occur for you daily. Writing allows you to fully focus on what you are intending for yourself and your business. What you give attention to will grow. And this means positive or negative. So be sure to make them positive! Work through the negative thoughts that appear during the day by replacing them with positive thoughts as soon as you hear it.

This will allow you to see how your thoughts and actions work against or toward your goal. As I move more into working on my intentions, I will report back. I can only see positive outcomes from any focused time, be it meditation, visualization or writing out your dreams and goals.

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