Where Is Your Life Going

Is your life all that you desire it to be right now? Where do you want your life to go? One of the biggest things that will hinder you from reaching your goals and dreams is to focus on your current situation. Have you ever stopped to consider that your current situation right now in your life is simply your current situation? And most people will think, act, react, and respond because of how they see themselves right now. Some who desire to bring their life to a new and better level many times simply go in circles never making any progress. One of the biggest problems is that they spend too much time and energy wondering why they are in their current state. They analyze everything around them and try to come up with valid reasons as to why things are not going the way that they really desire them to.

As they continue in this process, they blame other people and other things for their lack of success. Others come to the conclusion that it is all just, "meant to be." Or, "there must be a reason for why things are the way they are." Some even blame God by saying, "He must have a purpose for all this.

" Spending time and focusing on your current situation will never get you to where you want your life to be. It is a waste of your precious time and energy! Instead of asking yourself, "Why am I in this situation?" ask yourself, "What do I want?" When you begin to shift your energy from where you are to where you desire to be, then things start to happen. Why? Because your brain will put its attention on what you tell it is important. It is the way the Creator designed our grey matter to work! Have you ever been on your computer and clicked to open your word processing program? If your computer is working properly, then that program would open. Our brains act in a similar fashion. That's why when all your time and energy is spent on your present situation, your brain will work hard to reinforce and keep your situation in tact, without change! If your word processing program is open on the computer, but you really want to open your music program, then that is not going to happen until you open that program! As long as you continue working on the word processing program, all the wishing and wanting the music program does not get it up on the screen! And, sadly, so often, people just sit and feel sorry for themselves.

They do not like where their lives are right now, but that is all they think about and talk about. All that does is reinforce to the computer in their head that this is where they must stay. I want to challenge you.

Make a conscious effort to stop dwelling on your current situation and circumstances. I didn't say ignore your responsibilities. Stop putting your focus, your mental energy, your thinking, and your speech on your current situation today. Instead, for the next three weeks, make a very concerted effort to put a lot of focus and attention on what you desire for your life. Refuse to entertain any negative thoughts of where you are today.

Delete them just like you delete a "pop-up" on the computer! Picture in your mind your ideal life in every detail. Write it down on paper. Read it; say it aloud; pray about it; think about all through the day. Do whatever works for you to keep your mental focus and energy on what you desire for your life. All throughout the day refuse to speak any negatives concerning your current situation.

Instead, speak about your desires and what you fully expect for your life. If you will do this diligently for three weeks, you will have initiated a major change of focus in your mind. You will begin to believe that you can have your dreams and desires. And as you continue to keep your focus on those dreams and desires, you are going to start seeing doors open for you and find opportunities made available to you.

And perhaps the most rewarding part of this exercise is that you will be aware that you are no longer just accepting your life the way it is, but that you are truly on your journey.

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