Your Lifes Little Helper

Imagine you are a movie star, playing a role on the amazing stage called Earth. You are also the director. Think of your personal self as multi dimensional.

Part of you exists in the physical dimension of Earth. Your Authentic personal self exists in the non-physical or spiritual realm. Meet Your Personal Self .

Most people have strong feelings about religion. However, religion is not the same thing as spirituality. Spirituality can be described as simply believing in something beyond the physical. Further, there is a physical and non-physical realm or dimension. Think of yourself as a spirit who has been issued a body to navigate through the physical realm.

.Your personal self that exists in the spiritual realm offers you assistance in manifesting your desires. It acts as a support system that you can access at anytime. As you move through life, you are not alone, even when you feel disconnected.

The idea that you can become disconnected from your Authentic personal self is incorrect. You might feel resistance or struggle when you are out of alignment, or not in harmony with your life's purpose. But know that when you experience doubt, it's only an illusion that you are disconnected from your Authentic personal self. Your Authentic self has no limitations and knows what is best for you, no matter your state of consciousness.

Choose Your State of Consciousness .All of us have ego. When our ego state of consciousness is in control, we have difficulty manifesting.

.The ego is simply what we think we know, based on our past experiences. It has a preconceived notion of what you are cable of being, manifesting, and achieving. .It stands in the way of feeling connected to your Authentic personal self.

You need to consciously shift out of your ego in order to receive the guidance your Authentic personal self can offer you. .When we react to situations with fear, doubt, worry or any other negative emotion, we're being guided by our ego, or unconscious state of consciousness if you will. I want to stress that when you feel struggle or resistance, you're not allowing your Authentic personal self to help you in manifesting what you desire.

When you experience negative emotions it's time to flip your switch. Choose a lighter or better feeling emotion and hold on to it. Give the better feeling your attention, and you'll notice that your state of consciousness will shift to thoughts of possibilities and acceptance.

Negative emotions keep you in a low energy state of struggle and frustration, making it impossible to attract into your life the things and experiences you want. Manifesting is easy when you operate in a lighter state of consciousness. Manifesting Using Guidance .You have to be willing to open yourself up to the idea that you can receive guidance and assistance in manifesting from your Authentic personal self. This may be a new idea for you, or one that you need to stay for a while before you put it into practice. Wherever you are, is okay.

Just know that when you are not in harmony with your Authentic self, you often experience limitations and roadblocks. Allow your Authentic personal self to guide you and you'll attract people, resources, experiences into your life that will allow you to create a life of abundance and joy.

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