Anger Management The Psychologist Methods of Controlling Anger

We have all been angry at sometime or another whether we were just simply annoyed or really enraged. This is a natural feeling that everyone has to deal with at one time or another, if you have never been angry, you are not human. One in five people in America have an anger problem. This means that instead of controlling anger they let the anger control them. Uncontrollable anger can also affect those around the person who has the anger problem Anger can be a very dangerous and unhealthy problem if left untreated. Anger management is the process of learning to control one's anger through a series of techniques.

There are two types of anger passive and aggressive. Passive anger is expressed in behavior like self blame, self sacrifice, obsessive behavior and secretive behavior. Aggressive anger is expressed in physical violence, verbal abuse, threats, bullying, unjust blaming, selfishness and vengeance. There could be a number of reasons why someone could be angrier than the rest.

Many people are easily angered for several reasons. This problem could be genetic; it is theory that some babies are born easily angered or touchy. Some people believe psychologically that they do not have to deal with frustrations and annoyances. Many of these people express their anger by being chronically grumpy or irritable. Another reason for anger problems could be the way society views the emotion, meaning that people are encouraged to show many emotions but anger is not one of them. This often leads to repression.

There are many methods that psychologist use to help people control their anger; some methods can be used by the patient in the privacy of their own home. Psychologist now believe that letting it all out is not such a good idea and could be potentially dangerous to the person who is angry and who they are angry with. The best thing to do about anger is to find out what is making you angry and figure out a way to keep those things from making you angry. Using relaxation techniques is one of the best ways to control anger that seems to be uncontrollable. Try using breathing techniques and counting to ten or saying things like "take it easy" or "just relax".

You should avoid using words like "never" and "always" when you are talking about the thing or person that made you mad in the first place. This is called cognitive restructuring, which means just simply changing the way you think. Also, not all anger is misplaced, some anger comes from very real issues. Try not to focus on the solution, try to focus on how you handle the problem at hand. Humor is another effective way of controlling anger.

Try to use silly humor when you are angry at something or someone. For example, instead of calling someone a bonehead you can picture that person with a bone as a head. Drawing the person as a bonehead could be even better for your anger problem. This will take your anger by turning it into something funny and make you chuckle. Laughter is the best medicine.

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