Cloth Diapers A Healthy Choice for your Newborn to Toddler

There are several reasons why cloth diapers have been touted over the years as a preferable alternative to disposables, and one of the most important is the health of the child wearing the diaper. Cloth diapers have several advantages over disposables when it comes to their wear on any size of child, and in this article we will take a look at a few of them. Cloth makes it easier to potty train! One of the big knocks against the synthetic materials used for disposable diapers and pull ups is that they are far too absorbent. While you might think that this is desirable in a smaller baby (which we will get to in the next paragraph), the fact is that it does nothing for the mental health or the health of your family when it comes to potty training.

Children in synthetic disposables do not always realize when they are wet and therefore do not know that they should be heading for the toilet. The result is more diapers over a longer period of time, and all the mess that goes with that. For babies, super absorbent material will mean an increase in both the amount and severity of diaper rash. Remember, the waste produced by the baby is not actually gone it is just stored in larger quantities. What that means is; with disposables inability of to allow air in, they provide a great environment for the growth and expansion of bacterial colonies.

Less abrasion for movement Synthetic materials are much more likely to cause friction type injuries than softer and more flexible cloth. While this may be apparent on active babies, who kick their legs around for exercise, it is likely to affect toddlers to a far greater degree. Running about can cause the harsh synthetics of disposables to rub against the skin and cause cuts and abrasions which become worse as activity continues! Cloth is far less likely to cause these concerns.

In the end, the health of your child is far more important than convenience. Using cloth diapers will mean less health concerns in the long run for your child, and that means a greater peace of mind for parents!.

Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly, which is probably the number one reason for their use, and the solution to prevent those messy leaks, are with cloth diaper covers.

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Cloth Diapers A Healthy Choice for your Newborn to Toddler - Cloth diapers arebetter for your new born and your toddler FACT .

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