You And I Can Find More Motivation

Do you look into the sky and wonder to yourself what is my purpose here and who am I truly? Without getting philosophical there is a lot to be thought about as to our potential and what we can become. I believe that there is great potential in each person and some of you may feel that you deserve more than what life gives you. I believe that there are numerous people out there besides myself that want to do more with life, but time and money appear to be getting in the way again and again.

It is really unfortunate. I really believe that there are people out there that can and are willing to contribute a lot, but they don't have the funds or time to do so. They can give a great deal to the community. Let me add there is a lot to be done out there that can take no money or minimal time. With that being said I talk to countless people each day that give, but want to be able to give more and more.

I am sure you probably know those people too or you might be one. There are ways to create that time and money. One is by starting your own business and something that most people can do, but often don't know how to do it. Nearly 80 percent of all small business owners fail at starting a business.

They get burned out and lose funds because they don't have the knowledge to run their business correctly. Face it. You are going to need help and assistance. There is a great deal of information on the internet that will help you get your business started. Also the potential internet market is a lot larger because the whole world can be knocking at your web sites door instead of a small local community. Take the courage to improve your life so you can improve others.

It will make all of the difference if you do it soon because you don't know how many people you may help out. Let me give you an example. I have a dear friend that was raised by a single mother.

She taught him everything. He never saw his father. His mother had to play both roles and take on two jobs to support them. She cared for him like any other mother and did all she could to get him the toys and things that he wanted and his other friends got so easily.

She tried to do all she could to schedule her life around him and his sporting events in high school. She was there at his graduation and somehow helped him to put together funds for college. She taught him all of the morals and virtues he lived by and someday he vowed that he would take care of her. He recently started a business on the Internet and built a solid six figure income. He has invested in other businesses and was finally able to buy his mom her first home and a brand new car. Now she will never have to work again.

She can enjoy vacations. He has had a lot of success, but very little compared to the delight he received from seeing his mom enjoy her life for the first time for herself after how selfless she was for many years.

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