What You Need To Know To Collect Loose Gemstones

Why would anyone collect items like loose gemstones you ask? Well for one thing they've been sought for their beauty for many centuries. And just like natural diamonds their value increases over time. Many in this hobby love to collect and work with the wide variety of gemstones available today. Follow along as we discuss the hobby of loose gemstone collecting.

. First off you need to read up on the wide variety of stones available. You'll find it very helpful to know what you're buying and prevent you from making mistakes. A knowledgeable buyer is a wise one.

. Number one to look at Is gemstone color. Gemstones at the top of the ladder exhibit colors similar to the exact spectral color of orange, green, yellow, Violet or blue.

Gemstone colors that are muted or on the dark side can lower the value quite easily. . The cut of the stone is extremely important and factors into appraisal of diamonds but you're gemstones as well. An excellent cut will showcase the natural color of the gemstone, diminish any inclusions, and show off its symmetry and proportions. One way of determining the excellence in the cut of the stone is to consider how well and consistent it reflects light throughout the surface of the stone.

If the gemstone is cut to shallow most of this light were refracted away instead of reflecting inside. Gem color appears washed out. . Gemstone clarity is the next item to consider. Clarity refers to the amount of inclusions (trace elements or large particles of other elements or minerals) that a gem has. A flawless gemstone is more valuable.

To see flaws beyond with the eye can see you need a 10X gemstone loupe (gemstone clarity magnifier) or gem microscope. Most hobbyists will employ a jewelers diamond gemstone loupe 10X for viewing stamps, coins, beads as well as gems. . The next factors to consider our size and weight. Save for pearls and corals, all gemstones are priced by the carat. One carat equals a 0.

2 grams. However you should know weight and size are not the same in gemstones. The density and specific gravity can differ in stones. If you have a diamond that weighs 1.00 carats, you will find a similar sized ruby or sapphire weighs 1.20 carats.

. Collecting gemstones as a hobby can give you an enjoyable pastime and rewarding in the long run. It doesn't have to be very expensive and yet you can buy some very beautiful items. Many people love to set aside vacation or weekend time to go looking for gemstones.

Take the example of the United States. In Texas You can find Beryl, Pearl and Tourmaline. Or you can take the time to travel and find opal in Opalton, Yowah, Queensland, Austalia, topaz in Mt Surprise or O'Briens Creek in Queensland, Australia or hunt specimens the quartz regions in Wave Hill in the Northern Territory of Australia.

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