What Quote from Star Wars Can Make You Rich

We all know how much "Star Wars" influenced our culture today, yet what one single lesser-known quote from the series can make you wealthy? I'll give you one clue: It's not from Yoda, and it's not about The Force. or is it? It's not directly about choosing to follow your passions and avoiding temptation, although indirectly it does speak to the same "Secret" Napoleon Hill mentions in "Think and Grow Rich" more than 100 times. which is also the essence of "The Force". Before I reveal which quote I'm talking about, let's shift gears a moment to talk about an interesting e-mail that was passed around a week or so ago. I saw it on a popular marketing forum, which surprised me, because it talked about some "UV" ray sent to The Earth from beyond which magnified the power of our thoughts 1 million times.

The 'ray' isn't the important thing - what is important, which also ties in with the Star Wars quote that can make you wealthy, is the principle behind it. Just think for a minute what would happen to you if everything you thought about instantly happened. You see an attractive woman in a video and fantasize about being with her. and voila she's wrapping her arms around you. You see a pizza commercial and "30 minutes or less" becomes 30 nanoseconds and it's blazing hot in your lap.

You hear a hot rod zooming by your house and think "wouldn't that be cool" when suddenly you're accelerating to 165 on the open road. Really think about this a minute, though. Would you want that kind of power? Could you handle it? For example, just as quickly as your thought turns to driving fast in a red Ferrari, the thought creeps in there.

"What if I blow a tire?" or "What if I get caught?" And sure enough, that thought *also* happens just as quickly as "the good thought". In an undisciplined mind (which is about 98 percent of the population by the way) it's true that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". In this case, we apply that as "for every positive thought, there is an equal and opposite thought" there waiting in the wings to blow out the tires of the things you want. Most people move so fast between thoughts, they're not even aware of how many negative ones they're unconsciously empowering - which is why so many people have at best mixed results, and most people in fact have more things they don't want than things they do. Plus, they're taught they have very little power to create their lives exactly as they want - when in fact that's the *only* power they do have. (Napoleon Hill says The Creator, using Infinite Wisdom, gave us control over just one thing, and that one thing is all we need to have everything we want.

) Can you guess what that one thing is? You got it! Our thoughts. When you first start focusing your attention on your thoughts, you realize how scattered or across the board they are. Then you start intentionally keeping your mind on the things you want, and gently guiding your thoughts away from the random or scattered influences and distractions.

especially the fears and habits that often limit and block people from having those things they want. This brings us back to the little-known quote from "Star Wars", which when you understand. and apply it, can make you wealthy.

It's from "Episode I: The Phantom Menace" and the scene has the young man who will grow up and be re-born as Darth Vader losing his temper and becoming frustrated with the training from his experienced Jedi Master mentor. Obi-Wan Kenobi says, "Be mindful of your thoughts, young Anakin, for they betray you." The master saw plain as day that the student was focusing his power (The Force) on things that made him upset, causing him to lose focus on mastering the way he's creating the things he wants - and causing him to create more things he doesn't want. Instead, think of Luke Skywalker training with Yoda in the swamp where he learns to focus his thoughts and raise the X-Wing Fighter out of the marsh. (Until he loses his focus and the ship drops.) This is not something sci-fi that applies only in "A galaxy far, far away".

In fact, it's right out of the original "Think and Grow Rich" that was released way back in 1937. And it is very much within your potential to control and master this power. Because the way you use your thoughts determines everything that happens to you. That's what Obi-Wan means by saying that our thoughts betray us.

He's talking about non-focused thoughts, and the metaphor of what happened to Anakin as he became consumed by "The Dark Side" is unfortunately what happens to almost everyone. They're taught to believe things happen by chance or luck, or only to people with the right education, sex, race, background. to someone other than them.

That nonsense IS "the Dark Side" and it's all dis-empowering garbage that if people give any attention to, their thoughts, too, will betray them. And they'll barely get by and have a lot of struggle along the way. Instead, this moment, I'd like you to turn that all around, and use that quote as "The Force" for good in your life.

Use it as your personal mantra and. "Be Mindful of Your Thoughts"! "For They Betray You" - just heed that as the warning, that your thoughts are what create your life, so if you focus your thoughts on what you want, on being rich, that's what will happen to you. And if you focus your thoughts on fear, crime, scandal. The quality of your experiences portray the quality of the previous thoughts you had. That's why it's so important for you to "Be Mindful of Your Thoughts".

Therefore, starting this moment, I'm asking you to constantly ask yourself. - "How can I use that to become more wealthy?" - "How can I apply that quote to keeping my focus on additional ways to become richer?" - "How can I apply that (newspaper article, interesting web site, advancement in health, study showing people's buying habits, whatever you see and hear and find yourself thinking about) to becoming wealthier?" By doing that, what you're really doing is using your power to Think and Grow Rich! Being Mindful of Your Thoughts will lead you to pocketfuls of the riches that result.

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