What is so special about blankets

In Indian culture blankets have even special meaning as they are tied to the tradition of trade, and are part of their lives. Many people love them so much that even though they are made of materials machine-washable they pay much attention to wash them in hands. And even special 'how to wash your blanket' guides are written Blankets have been a source of warmth and comfort for thousands of years. They distinguish from sheets by their thickness. This rectangular piece of material derived its name probably from Edmund Blanket, a 14th century clothier and wool and Member of Parliament from Bristol, who is buried in St Stephen's Church (Bristol). Blankets vary not only in shapes, colors and prizes ( cheap blankets and more expensive one) but aspecially in materials, usage and thickness.

And also even in nations: from handmaking Native American blankets to tartan scottish blankets which are almost as much important for Scotchmen as scottish kilts and ghillie brogues. We have fleece and wool blankets, tartan, black and colourful one. We use them for covering our bodies when we are cold, and to cover our beds as a decoration bed throw.

Only by changing the pattern design of our bed blanket we can give ourselves a totally new bedroom image. At the picnic they protect our clothes from grass and mud stains, also after the rain (it might be for example a waterproof picnic blanket). The Native Americans even use their blankets to pay off debts, to show gratitude, or to indicate status.

It's indispensable element of equipment for horse riders (horses warming jacket) and firemen (as a furnishing protection; foam blanket).


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