What is PolyWood you say

Well, all you environmental enthusiasts will want to pay attention very closely to this innovative, earth friendly, virtually indestructible product. Quite simply, poly-wood or poly lumber is recycled milk jugs and plastic containers that would have normally found their way into our ever growing landfills! The ingenious inventors of this product had the future of our precious earth in mind when coming up with such a revolutionary recycled product. Need more information than that to satisfy the environmentally consciousness of your mind? Well here we go, the plastics recycling infrastructure currently includes 2015 companies; 1,677 process post-consumer plastics, 207 process post-industrial plastics and 131 are brokers and exporters.

Of the 1,677 post-consumer plastics recycling facilities, 1,295 facilities are consolidation facilities while 382 facilities are re-processors that actually grind, wash and palletize the plastics. 265 of the facilities are vertically integrated into product manufacturing such as Poly-Wood. The Midwestern US has the highest concentration of recycling plastics facilities closely followed by the Southern US. There is a growing trend to the demand and use of recycled plastics. Over 1.5 billion pounds of post-consumer plastic bottles were recycled during 1999 which accounted for 22 percent (by weight) of all the plastic bottles produced in the United States.

Quite dramatically, post consumer plastic bottle recycling has increased over the last ten years from 234 million pounds to over a staggering 1.5 billion pounds. Recycled plastics such as Poly-Wood contain no toxic preservatives is insect proof, does not promote organic growth and has a superior performance to the elements even beyond the scope of treated wood says the inventors of this every growing alternative to wood. How's that for a long lasting guarantee of performance? There are also innovative applications being proposed by the inventors of Polywood to be used as an artificial reef. The simplest design would be a box, which can be made in various sizes and with holes of various sizes to accommodate smaller fish. This Poly-wood box could then be anchored in the sand by means of blocks of concrete or old car tires.

Tiers of the solid Polywood blocks anchored together could make solid reefs, which potentially could house oysters, sea grass and mussels. In this application Poly-wood has a 60 year guaranteed life span. Once the plastic lumber is extruded and formed into various profiles of lumber it can be sawn, screwed, nailed and drilled just like wood. Poly-Wood is guaranteed not to rot, splinter or fade and the maintenance on it is virtually NOTHING! A little soap and water will do the trick, for stubborn stains bleach and water will take care of it with no problem. Goo Gone has been said to even clean stain off of the furniture! Only minutes of attention and you have your furniture looking like new again.

Poly-wood is available in a wide array of products for your outdoor living space. Adirondack chairs & ottomans, tables and dining chairs, gliders, benches, chaise lounges, picnic tables, side tables, rockers and the list goes on and on. You can quite easily furnish your entire yard, deck, poolside or patio with furniture designed and built to last a lifetime! You will also find recycled plastic garbage bins, fencing, portable bars and the like. So, when you tired of striping, sanding, painting, treating or oiling your outdoor furniture turn to Poly-wood the environmentally friendly furniture that is forging a world of difference for the generations to come. Poly-Wood truly allows you to Sit Back, Relax and Forget about It.

For more info about Polywood Furniture please visit www.poly-lumber-furniture.com or email Donna Reed at donnareed@poly-lumber-furniture.com.

Donna Reed is an active environmentalist associated with Green Peace and the Sierra Club. Her focus on environmental issues has turned to the recycling industry and products that are made from recycled plastics. Polywood and Poly Lumber Furniture products save millions of pounds of plastic from landing in our ever growing landfills each year and have caught her eye with their environmentally friendly advantages! Donna is currently working with Premium Poly Patios at www.poly-lumber-furniture.com to help make the public aware of the environmental benefits of this Eco-Friendly Furniture.

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