What Is Dangerous Blood Pressure

A healthy blood pressure reading of 120 over 80 says your cardiovascular system is operating properly and doing just fine. On the other hand, readings of 120-139/80-89 are an indication of pre hypertension, and you need to know this before damage is done. Blood pressure checks are an important painless test your doctors office should perform each visit or yearly.

Home monitoring may become necessary if your blood pressure levels begin to rise. Blood pressure readings are a non invasive way to tell your doctor much about your heart, blood vessels and whole cardiovascular system over 70 million American adults suffer from high blood pressure. Your blood pressure reading is like a snap shot of how much pressure is used to pump blood through your body.

If your pressure is too low, it means that the blood is unable to deliver oxygen and nutrients Through-out your body. This is how your body nourishes it's self feeding each and every cell. Dropping Pounds May Help Drop Blood Pressure What is Considered a Normal Blood Pressure Reading? In order to maintain a normal reading, your top number must remain around 120, while your lower number stays around 80. The first number is called the systolic pressure, which shows the pressure of the blood that is pumping through the body when the heart is beating.

When shopping for foods, it pays to read the ingredients to determine the amount of sodium and fats refer to a high blood pressure diet, usually offered by the diagnosing physician, on the amount allowed. If you're diagnosed as prehypertensive, meaning you're on the borderline of developing hypertension. You should follow a high blood pressure diet.

Your doctor should have one available for you. You may find you have restrictions for some foods that other people with hypertension do not, each case is individual, and each person has different sensitivities to foods. By sticking to your high blood pressure diet you can gain control of your hypertension, hold it in check, are possibly start improving your readings.

Exercise thirty minutes a day five days a week and following up with medical professionals can make living on a high blood pressure diet a extremely beneficial.

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