Wanting More without Needing More

It is possible to want more, and yet feel gratitude for what you already have. Wanting more doesn't make you greedy. The trick is to access the law of attraction and focus on feeling gratitude for the Abundance that is already yours. Call it positive thinking, call it gratitude. But know that when you feel gratitude in your current circumstance, your focus and actions will move you closer to reaching your goals.

Without fear or struggle. What Do You Focus On? .People tend to focus on what they don't have. In recent years there has been a renewed interest into the law of attraction, and yet after reading the books and learning about this amazing Universal force, people still express frustration and seem to be wanting more. Your life is created through conscious thought and action, and if you spend time focusing on what you are lacking, you will create more of the same. That's why it's so imperative that you let go of the frustration with your current station in life, and begin to truly appreciate and feel satisfied with life.

.If you visit a shopping center or mall, you'll probably notice a posted map with one of those dots that says "you are here." You survey the map, locate your destination, and head off toward your goal.

Using the guidance system, the map, you don't worry or feel any fear, you simply move along toward your destination. You don't wonder if you'll make it, you just take action and get moving. You feel confident in your action, and you don't feel any resistance. You're in the flow.

Gratitude Manifests More Feelings of Gratitude .Some people think they will be happy when they reach the dot. They falsely believe that they won't experience the feeling of needing more when they finally have this, or they finally do that. They will be happy when they reach the dot on the map. Using the mall analogy, if your conscious mind knows you don't need anything more, you may end up with what you want, long before you reach the red dot on the map.

.You can practice wanting more without needing more. When you think about your goals, take a few moments and in your conscious mind, be grateful for what you have now. .

No matter your current salary, your current home, your current bank balance. In this moment, you have all you need. .

When you think about your goals, tune into your conscious guidance system. Focus on what you want, and don't think about the end result, be conscious of the journey.

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