Top Unique Baby Shower Themes From Extravagant to Simple

Welcoming a new baby boy or girl into the family is a joyous occasion that should be remembered by all. One way to start the welcoming of the new addition is through a baby shower. This provides a time when family and friends can get together and celebrate in preparation of the baby to be. It can be lots of fun planning a baby shower. You can show a lot of creativity and make the baby shower a very unique and classy event with a little planning ahead.

Take time with friends to plan the event can be a real joy for everyone involved. The event also shows the mother to be how appreciated and loved she truly is. One crucial decision that needs to be made before anything else is done is choosing a baby shower theme. Some people skip this step for a well organized baby shower you will want to have a theme.

It helps to tie the piece together. We have gathered some of the top suggestions below to help in deciding a theme that is right for the occasion. Animal Themes- These can be very fun events with cute little cartoon animals decorated around the room. When you this theme you will want to think about the mother to be. Does she have a favorite animal that she loves. For example a monkey or a bunny might be suitable for the occasion.

You should really keep in mind the things that the mother to be likes and try to pick a theme around that. Animals are really easy to use as a theme as there are lots of stickers, clipart, and even fun games that can be based on specific animals. Disney Themes - These of course are very popular. Many people have a certain Disney Character that they love. This can be fun to use one single Disney character in a baby shower theme like a Donald Duck theme or you can use the whole gang. This is a very easy theme and lot of baby shower items come with Disney characters already on them.

For example you can find invitations, balloons, decorations and even cakes decorate with Disney Characters. So a Disney Baby shower theme is a very easy one to pull off. Flowers - Just think about it spring is in the air slowers are bloosoming every where and little baby are born! What a great natural combination. Flowers being so natural, light and refreshing make a great baby shower theme.

Again it is very easy to find flower baby shower theme items at your local craft stores. Winnie The Pooh- This would really fall under Disney Characters however Winnie the Pooh is so popular he gets a theme category all his own. Yes Winnie the Pooh baby shower themes are among the most popular.

The only decision that you have to make here is to go with the classic Winnie the Pook baby shower theme or the standard Winnie the Pooh theme. Either way you have a natural winner. The best thing is a Winnie The Pooh baby shower theme can be great for a baby that you don't know the gender of.

Winnie the Pooh is equally great for little baby girls or baby boys. Noah's Ark - Noah's ark is another vastly popular baby shower theme. Noah and his ship full of animals is something that every baby loves and is also a classic for parents. Colors - Colors are a very fun and easy way to decorate and carry off a baby shower theme also. Of course the classic is pink for a girl baby shower theme and blue for a boy baby shower theme. Yellow is then used for a baby that the gender is unknown.

However you can have fun with this and do whatever you would like. Try using a bunch of primary colors and have a crayon or paint theme. While there are a few ideas listed above in no way is the list exhaustive.

There are so many fun and cool baby shower themes that one can do. It is only limited by the planner. So take some time, be original and choose a unique baby shower theme.

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