Timeless Childhood Toys Series Wooden Toys

Parents play an incredible role in shaping the experiences of their children by the choices of toys they provide their children. Almost every adult has a favorite toy that they recall fondly from childhood that helped to define his or her sense of self. Some toys still bring back colorful and inspiring memories while others are only vague memories. Wooden toys have an innate characteristic of permanence and an organic connection that can't be matched by plastics. Below you'll find are some of the most time honored wooden toys as told by both adults and children.

Wooden Doll Houses and Castle Toys: Imaginative play is incredibly important to a child's developing mind. The most timeless toys are those that give children a wealth of opportunities to use their imaginations. Sturdy wooden doll houses and castle toys give children to express themselves through miniature characters. Wooden doll houses and castle toys rich with detail evoke a sense of wonder and ignite the imitation as children explore every nook and detail.

The gorgeous hues, artistic quality, and attention to detail in Papo's castle toys and wooden doll houses are favorites among kids and provide a launching point for imaginative ideas and concepts sure to last a lifetime. Puppet Theaters: Puppet theaters allow children to truly explore their creative selves when they are the center of the action inside of a fun and colorful puppet theater. Children are natural creative story tellers. Puppet theaters give importance to their stories and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of self esteem. The bold, imaginative colors and patterns of the wooden puppet theater and playhouse by Alex call out to the creative spirit of a child and inspire imaginative play. Play Kitchens: Young children look to the actions of their parents to understand their role in the world.

They yearn to live out what they see by trying things themselves in a miniature sized environment where they can safely learn by trial and error. Play kitchens are a wonderful way for children to reinact the actions of their adult role models. Play kitchens empower children and give them a sense of ownership and pride comparable to the pride adults feel in their homes. Play kitchens spark the imagination and promote feelings responsibility and importance.

In a world where so many things seem to be made to be disposable, the permanence of a well crafted wooden toy enforces the values of stability and pride. Thoughtful toys such as wooden doll houses, castle toys, puppet theaters, and play kitchens are sure to stand the test of time and become the foundation for a lifetime of happy memories.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information on wooden toys for kids, visit http://www.MyPolkaDots.com.

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