Three Steps to Winning More Energy by Clearing Clutter

Having your home and your office well organized makes it easier to get things done. But purging clutter and unnecessary items from your surroundings can also symbolize a deeper process of cleansing and purification in your life. As you get rid of useless clutter and better organize what’s left, you are in effect creating a sensation of lightness and freedom that can benefit you both mentally and spiritually. On an energetic level, the effects can be even more profound because the process clears stagnation and calls in a flow of fresh, invigorating energy (also called “chi,” “ki,” or “qi” – which means “universal life energy”). What does this mean for you and your space? More peace, prosperity, harmony and success! Below you’ll find some quick tips on how to organize for a more serene atmosphere: 1) Start by clearing clutter.

Useless or unnecessary items hanging around drain your energy, scatter your focus and leave you feeling overwhelmed and restricted. Take as much time as necessary to remove items that are no longer needed and put away those to be kept. However, don’t toss them carelessly into drawers and closets; be sure to organize and place them neatly where they belong. Clutter is clutter, and you’ll experience the same negative effects even if it’s hidden away. 2) Then do a physical cleaning job. Grab a vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, dusting cloths, glass cleaner and any other supplies you’ll need, and clean like you’ve never cleaned before! It’s important to do a thorough job because you are not just cleaning away visible dirt – you are also removing any residue left by stagnant, negative energy.

You may not be able to see it, but you can still be affected by it on some level if you don’t remove it completely. 3) Finally, take a break and enjoy your surroundings. Notice that they look better, but also notice the difference in the way the environment feels. Does it feel lighter and calmer? Most people can feel the difference right away.

That's enough for some people - but for truly beneficial results, there's a couple more steps. Their aim is to attract beneficial energy to take the place of what you just cleared out. There are many ways to do this, and none of them are better or more effective than the others. Choose whichever feels right for you. One popular technique is simply to light scented incense and candles in every room. The scents don’t really matter except that they are pleasing to you, but some popular choices include: lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, sage, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense and rose.

Finally, you can use meditation and visualization to call in positive energy. Simply sit comfortably and perform deep-breathing exercises to bring yourself into a meditative state. Then imagine brilliant white light infusing every room of your home. Imagine that it hums and crackles with an electrical charge, zapping any negativity that still lingers and replacing it with peace and harmony. Doing this process just once can create quite an impressive change in the atmosphere of your home, but doing it on a regular basis can be even more effective. Try it once every 3 months for starters, but do it as often as you need to if you sense the atmosphere becoming heavy and sluggish again.

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