The Wedding Cake Topper Guide

So you have planned your wedding to the last details and everything is set and ready to go. Did you remember to plan the wedding cake topper? Often people forget this little details or just leave it up to the baker to figure out what will work. However, these days there are a wide variety of wedding cake toppers that you can use from. This guide will help show you some of the most popular ideas for topping the wedding cake. Custom Wedding Cake Toppers That's right you can have a wedding cake topper custom made especially for you. Typically this takes 2 to 6 weeks time and you will need to submit some ideas and pictures of the bride and groom.

Then an artist will consult with the couple and design a custom made wedding cake topper to fit their likeness and personality. This can add a wonderful little touch on a detail that is often overlooked. Initial Wedding Cake Topper If you are not interested in growing to the work and expense of a custom made wedding cake topper another avenue that give you much the same feel and flair for details is an Initial wedding cake topper. This is like a monogram in that it take the initials of both the bride and groom and makes them into a wedding cake topper. These typically are much cheaper then the above option but still give a custom look and feel to the wedding cake topper. Profession Wedding Cake Topper Often you can find a pre-made wedding cake topper that has something to do with the profession of the groom.

For example you can find a fire fighter wedding cake topper or a air force wedding cake topper. Some of the most common professions have wedding cake toppers already made for them. Crystal Wedding Cake Topper Here is another fun idea and one that will last for a long time to come. A crystal wedding cake topper can easily be found in many stores locally or online. The fact that it is made out of crystal is wonderful because it will last the test of time and it is something that the couple can keep and use as a keepsake for a long time to come.

It will constantly remind them of their special day. Unique Wedding Cake Topper There is a whole list of other unique wedding cake toppers. Really the only limit is your own mind. There are so many different unique wedding cake toppers that you can find just about anything. For example you can get a fairy tale wedding cake topper or a humorous wedding cake topper. The possibilities are truly limitless and if you spend a little time online you can find a wedding cake topper for any theme.

By spending a little time and getting a unique wedding cake topper you can crete a wonderful keepsake of your wedding day. It will also make the wedding stand out as you have taken care of every last details.

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