The Top Factors of Successful Goal Setting

The key to getting what you want in life is to identify, plan, and implement effective goals. You should have meaningful goals for all the areas of your life that you wish to focus upon developing. Only by doing so can you truly hope to be successful. But just how do you go about it? There are many methods for goal setting, some more successful than others but firstly it is important to understand that whatever your goal may be, it is highly likely that someone else has already achieved what you are setting out to do, or at least something very similar.

So why not use their experiences to help you along your own path to success. Take time to research the subject concerned and try to establish just what the successful people in that field did to get where they are. You can learn much from reading auto-biographies and other books, articles and blogs. Visit your local library, buy magazines and surf the net to find out as much as you can. Building up a large resource of information, advice, and true-life experiences is essential. Then identify what you can apply to your own circumstances and concentrate on clearly writing out your own plan for achieving your goals.

You must have a structured approach and for your goals to be effective your plan should feature the following elements: Accurate Description You must write down clearly what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to start a business what sort of business is it? Do you want to work alone or with a partner? Do you want to work from home and for how many hours? Be precise about the details or else it will simply not happen. Priorities You must be sure what your priorities are. Be careful not to set targets that are unrealistic in the context of your life. Obstacles Examine what may stand in the way of you achieving your aims. How can you overcome any obstacles? Be as honest and thorough as you can even if it means confronting areas of your own personality or your own abilities.

Timescale Your objectives must be timed so be clear in stating when you intend to achieve them. This may be weeks but it could be years. Be honest and realistic in defining your timescales.

Measurements You must have a way of measuring your progress towards your goal. You must regularly review how far you have gone and ensure that it is a written record of some form. Maybe you could keep a journal or a diary.

Set targets for set periods of days, months, years etc and monitor your progress. Motivation You must understand your motives for setting the goal. What are your reasons for doing what you are doing? Be prepared to accept that what you want may change. So be flexible and make alterations to your goals if need be.

Don't let the pursuit of your goals become a chore. And one other tip; Write your goals in the present tense rather than the future. Use sentences like: "I am running my own successful business from home"; "I live in a large 5 bedroom house with a swimming pool and a paddock and stables for my two horses"; "I am a confident and happy person." That way your subconscious mind, believing that the situation already exists, will accept more readily what it is you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to do so.

So why not start right now and plan your future.

This article was written by Tony Hall who runs his own business dedicated to helping individuals develop their personal and business skills. You can learn more about how to develop your own life skills and get your complimentary copy of "The Process of Success" by signing up for his weekly newsletter at:

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