The Secret Power of Faith

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." -Helen Keller The power of your Faith is effective only when you are willing to risk whatever the situation demands of you and in whatever you attempt to do. Whether it's freedom from illness, finding material wealth, and experiencing life itself, without a certain amount of risk, your faith is inactive. You are not testing its secret power.

Whenever you are really clear about something you wish to do and know why you wish it to happen, you must then put all of the power of your faith behind your actions to make it happen. Any action you attempt to do must come from your strongest desire and purpose. How do discoverers, scientists, inventors of new products, and so-called geniuses perfect their achievements?  By trusting in a faith that is active, they use it to achieve their dreams.

Any new discovery or achievement is the result of faith in action; the secret power that comes from within. It is available to you and everyone who accesses it and uses it. You may fail to realize your dreams when you separate mental power from personal action. To keep your thoughts and actions strong, you only need to keep focusing on your faith and make sure your emotions are in sync with your dreams.

Think about what you like to happen rather then what you don't wish to happen. This is easy: pay close attention to the way you feel. Your feelings will always take you to where your thoughts are focused.

Get in the habit of making your thinking strong enough so that your attention is on things you desire and on what feels right for you. The opportunity that comes from these clear thoughts will lead you to the necessary action that takes you in the direction you need to go. When your faith is strong enough, you can relax and let it take over. You will create and attract all that is miraculous in your life.

Develop and practice your faith by focusing on a safe, successful outcome for anything you attempt to do. Recognize what your limits are and what may be beyond your reach. If you are thinking about developing a new business, a new product, service, or idea seek help with the areas you lack knowledge and/or skill to do. A strong, passionate belief in your worthiness to succeed is the secret power of faith that will make it happen. Look until you find that secret power within you. Then after each successful achievement your faith gets stronger.

Each achievement inspires you to look for more ways to succeed. You are better prepared to take greater risks. And when you find your secret power you will discover your true self. This gives you the opportunity and motivation to make use of every experience in your life. So, when you build that better mousetrap, write the next bestseller, or invent the next internet software program, the world will beat a path to your door, recognize you no matter who you are. You will collect the rewards for declaring your faith.

Go, do and be full of the power of your faith.

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