The Essence Of Pray Rain Journaling

I recently attended a teleconference with Jeannette Maw and a colleague of hers she called the Queen of Love!! Jeannette was discussing her Electronic Book "Miracles of Pray Rain Journaling." The call was a question and answer session about the Pray Rain Journal experience. This Electronic Book was a real insight for me because I've kept journals for years but they are about things that happen and some of those experiences made me feel bad. The journaling experience for me has always been about working through sadness and frustration so that by the time I complete a journal entry, I actually feel better. My feelings were "ventilated" and now I can move on.

The Pray Rain Journaling process is diametrically opposed to the normal journaling experience that many of us have. First of all, you think of things you want to accomplish or manifest, and you write in the Pray Rain Journal (PRJ) "pretending" that you have it, or how you will feel when you get it or manifest it. The more vivid the detail, and the better you feel as you do it, the better the chance this thing you imagine will come to pass. The more joyous you feel, the greater the probability you will achieve your desire or vision.

So I started Pray Rain Journaling and am having a great time with it. As for results? I whipped together an Electronic Book of my own and so far have 9 people who have offered to give me testimonials, providing they love the book, of course! And as I write in my PRJ, they not only love it, they tell all their friends about it, and the book is well received and well loved! I was interested in a comment Jeannette made on the call. She called herself the "Queen of Goofing Off." That elicited an image of great expansion and freedom because I love to goof off, too! I love to have fun as I take care of my patients.

Lately, I've been surrounded by nurses who are in some kind of "everything is an emergency" mode. They definitely are NOT having fun! This vibe was going on hour after hour on a recent Friday night and no matter what trick I attempted to play to change the dynamic, the vibe would not budge. So I got really really sick. And got to go home. During the illness, in a delirious state, I kept trying to figure what went wrong, why was everyone so serious, why did I take the negativity so seriously? When I practiced the technique in my new Electronic Book: "Self-Healing Secrets For Nurses, (and Everyone Else!)" I immediately relaxed, felt better, and was renewed. Surrender is the basis of the technique, or Release, as Buz McGuire discusses in his Electronic Book, "The Power of Release.

" Letting Go, Letting God, is the only sane approach to just about everything. Patients appreciate the nurse who is having fun and is goofing off--especially if the nurse is goofing off with them!! My patient's ages range anywhere from age 15 to 42, the "childbearing years," because I do Labor and Delivery nursing. My patients do not like panic or exaggerated power play, as when a nurse decides she knows what's best for the patient or what's worse, decides to enforce it. This is a scenario that never ends well. Patients need to learn that they have rights: the right to say exactly what they want and expect from their birthing experience. They can insist and rightly get their way.

Having a baby should be a peak spiritual experience and as long as nurses and doctors are acting rushed, impatient, and into a control drama, the experience is diminished for the woman having the baby. I notice if I have fun and goof off, at least inwardly, as I take care of a woman, she relaxes, and so do I. The natural cycles of life, of the day, the hour and the moment take on a more poignant quality. I remember doing physical exams when I was a practicing Nurse Practitioner: the more fun I had with my patients, and the more I goofed off with them, the better the day went, the more the relationships deepened.

Assuming a stuck up professional air, which I never did, but which I observed others do, results in disastrous vibes. At best, we lost those patients to followup. At worst, we'd never see them again. Yes, I may not be the Queen of Goofing Off, because Jeannette has claimed that acolade, but I am the Queen of Having Fun!! And as I write several times in my PRJ, the alternate reality of fun, laughter, joy and love gradually meshes into three dimensional experience, and the PRJ reality and every day reality become One. Who says that Reality has to be serious? Who says I can only goof off after hours? My PRJ tells me I can have a merry time all the time and dance under the stars of a moonlit night and kiss my dogs as I frolic! The eternal moment can never be anything else but pure jubilation!.

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