The Bugaboo Frog Stroller

The Bugaboo Frog stroller was designed by two brothers in The Netherlands. These gentlemen were interesting in creating a stroller that would adapt easily to today's parents mobile lifestyle. In addition, they wanted their design to be as comfortable for the father as the mother. They accomplished this feat with their highly successful product line which came on the market in Holland in l999.

It quickly became a favorite item with young on-the-go parents and is now finding success in 21 countries throughout the world. The Bugaboo Frog will go wherever busy parents take it, with ease of movement, comfort of ride and adaptability. Its adjustable parts and movable seating allow Mom or Dad to make sure their little one is comfortable while they walk, run or jog through the store or the woods. Extremely light weight, it has a 360 degree turning control and can be maneuvered with one hand.

The suspension is wonderfully flexible absorbing any bumps that might wake or disturb the comfort of the happy rider. The Bugaboo Frog has a set of small wheels as well as a set of large wheels that can be locked or allowed to swivel. It is adaptable to sandy beaches, wooded trails or mall floors. Young parents love to use it to take the child out on the trails for their daily jog or for their fast walking exercise. They can feel confident that their child is resting comfortably while they undertake their daily workout. In addition, to comfort of ride and ease of movement, the Bugaboo Frog can be quickly and easily collapsed for small, convenient storage purposes.

It is available in a selection of colors: black, blue, red, sand, and orange. The orange comes with a navy interior while the others are lined with khaki. Chose a color to match your personality! The Bugaboo Frog stroller is a top quality product; therefore, all Bugaboo products carry a two year warranty to ease the minds of today's discerning young parents.

A Bugaboo Frog stroller would make the perfect gift for the expectant parents or as a welcome baby gift.

Shopping for baby strollers for your or your best friend's baby? Look for the best baby stroller in town, the Bugaboo Frog Stroller. Visit today for more information about the Bugaboo frog stroller.

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