The Bed Wetting Alarm Is One Solution To This Common Problem

I used to hide the shame that I carried around in the privacy of my own head, as I was still wetting the bed up until the age of 12 years old. However, today it's not an issue for me as I've come to believe that it was not my fault, and let's face it, what kid would want to wake up in a wet bed if he didn't have to. Bed wetting is not an uncommon problem with children and although most grow out of it at an early age, there are some, who don't.

Anyhow, my predicament was way back in the 1960's but there is a lot more help and understanding about the problem these days both with medical support and gadgets to help overcome the problem. One such gadget is a Bed wetting alarm. A bed wetting alarm is a very effective device to use with helping young children overcome nocturnal enuresis. But although bed wetting alarms can be useful devices, they should not really be considered a first line option, especially with older kids. For me, I now know that the years of trauma and embarrassment bed wetting had caused both me and my parents, made the situation worse, not better, and as my problem had become centered in the mind, not the body, no fancy techniques or alarms would have helped me overcome this at that time. But for youngsters, that have not been scorned or told they must stop, and are not getting laughed at or teased by their siblings, then a bed wetting alarm could be just what the doctor ordered.

There's a plethora of bed wetting alarms on the market these days but only a couple of types really worth considering. How they work is by detecting moisture. The moment a few drops of moisture are sensed, an alarm sounds to wake the child so that he/she will hopefully wake up and go to the bathroom as opposed to wetting the bed. But as I said earlier, if the child is older, then the problems are deeper and these alarms might offer some temporary relief but they are by no means a long term cure. For kids of a younger age, the bed wetting alarm may be useful in helping to get them into the conscious habit of waking up when they first start to pee. A bit like house training for a child if you like, and with a bit of luck they can wean off the alarm over time.

For the older kids, there are many reasons why they may be having problems with bed wetting such as undue stress and depression caused by such things as bullying at school or an unhappy home life. In these cases, childhood psychiatry would be more helpful than high street gadgets. Of course, the main problem here is that not so may kids open up and quite often say everything is fine, when if fact it's not, so a gentle and professional approach may be needed to help out here. Bed wetting into adolescence is no fun and can have a major impact on the child's wellbeing, so parents should really treat this as a condition that needs addressing professionally and not a problem that the kid needs to get a grip of. Every single day children are waking up in wet beds and the problem is more widespread than you may think. It's just not talked about too much, that's all.

The bed wetting alarm can be very useful in some cases, but parents really need to have the child checked out by the family doctor before they choose any alternative solutions, including bed wetting alarms.

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