Taking the Labor Out of Labor

Its fairly common knowledge that women, while going through pregnancy, deal with many physical and emotional changes, but what is less understood, is why these things happen. From morning sickness, back aches, fatigue, as well as riding the proverbial emotional roller coaster as her hormones change. Of course, most mothers would be quick to point out that the joys of motherhood far exceed the temporary discomforts and emotional distress of the pregnancy process.

Nevertheless, all the pain and frustration, capped off by the pain of labor can make any woman a little wary of the experience.

In addition to pain, discomfort and unstable emotions, many women also deal with a great deal of fear and uncertainty during pregnancy. Will my birth be painful? What if something goes wrong? What if I dont know how to care for my baby? These questions are typical and are good indicators of a normal level of fear and uncertainty.

Consequently, the more understanding that a woman has about her body and the pregnancy process, the more confidence they will have. Understanding the reasons that changes take place is comforting, but knowing what is forthcoming will help women prepare themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Couples should take time to learn, not only about the changes that take place during pregnancy, but also during labor, and early parent as well. After all, by the time you bring a life into this world, for all intents and purposes, the time for preparation is over - its go time!

The Lamaze method, which is pretty much synonymous with birthing at this point, is one of the most well-known and popular birthing aids and education programs. Through an understanding of basic anatomy, pain reduction exercises, and Lamaze breathing, the method prepares mothers-to-be by helping them build confidence and decreasing their fears about the labor process.

Lamaze classes are available throughout the country.

Another option that can help expecting parents to relax, relieve stress, and gain confidence, is a second honeymoon of sorts, called a babymoon. A babymoon, in short , is a trip or vacation taken by a couple before giving birth. This vacation can help them relax and enjoy each others company before beginning the journey of parenthood with sleepless nights and busy days.

So, for any soon-to-be mothers (especially first timers)it would be a great idea to take some classes, enjoy a babymoon in California, Hawaii, or wherever your adventurous spirit guides you. Because having a baby is a great blessing, and should not be a burden.


About the Author (text)Art Gib is a freelance writer, Joyful Birth (http://joyfulbirthclasses.com) is a motherhood group offering Lamaze classes, motherhood planning resources, and babymoon in California.

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