Show Your Mom You Love Her with a Mothers Day Gift Basket

Your mom has always been there for you, and Mother's Day is the ideal occasion to show your appreciation for everything she has done for you. Often, mothers are gifted with flowers and a greeting card on this special day. There's nothing wrong with that, but wouldn't you like your mother to feel particularly special at least once a year? She's one of a kind, and she deserves a personal and meaningful Mother's Day gift basket. Start by finding a Mother's Day gift basket that is large enough for all of the things that you would like to include in it. Look for a basket that your mom will be able to use again, over and over.

Once you find the perfect basket, you can paint it in her favorite colors and decorate it. Make sure it is completely dry before filling it with goodies. Start by lining the basket with a pretty napkin or square of colorful fabric. Make sure the color complements your decorations. Add a spiral of coordinating ribbon to the handle of the basket and attach some silk flowers. Your Mother's Day gift basket will now have a feminine, springtime appearance.

Now you're ready to start filling the basket with some special items for your mom. Select one larger item for the basket's centerpiece. A decorative figurine, some pretty flowers, a cuddly stuffed animal, or a family portrait are all good choices.

Display this item in the center of your Mother's Day gift basket and stabilize it so that it won't slide around or fall over while in transport. Once you have your centerpiece in place, you can then add the other articles. Position the remaining items around the centerpiece in such a way that they complement the centerpiece nicely. The additional items might include some chocolates, a candle, some bath bubbles or salts, or anything else that your mom loves. A special addition to your Mother's Day basket would be individual pictures of the members of your family. If you're going all out, slip in a gift certificate to her local day spa.

And lastly, cover your Mother's Day gift basket with pretty cellophane wrap or a gift basket bag in a floral pattern, and attach a big, beautiful bow. Don't forget to include a Mother's Day card to express your love and appreciation. Tape the card under the bow on top of the basket.

Your mom will be so pleased when she receives this beautiful basket from you. Above all, it will be even more special when she learns that you made it with your own two hands. She will never forget this gift.

Do you want to make your own gift baskets? Kim Allarie publishes Kim's Basket Blog, a great source of gift basket ideas for all those meaningful events throughout the year.

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