Royalty is a state of Consciousness

Earthly Royalty rule over the subjects in their kingdom or country. It is a status generally inherited, through birth. But when we look at some Royals, we see a total lack of character, ethics or just plain good manners. Instead we meet overbearing, haughty individuals. Yet where does the tradition of wearing gold crowns come from? Where the tradition of the sumptuous robes of Royalty? Where the tradition of investing power over people, to a single individual? There was once a simple monk called Lawrence.

He was very humble and unassuming. Happy to do the most menial of tasks, he did all his work in the presence of God, asking that the Creator would bless him and his work. Eventually this simple monk became so lucid, wise and able that he was constantly asked for advice by the most scholarly in the land. Brother Lawrence is responsible for writing the 17 century classic Practicing the Presence.

We find this with many contemporary sages. Many had no formal education, came from poor backgrounds, some were even illiterate, yet they had such spiritual power and wisdom that they were consulted by the most influential in their respective lands.Take Anandamoyi Ma, Mother Amma, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for example. Their teachings and wisdom is rated by the most scholarly and they are also venerated by regular people. So what was it, what mechanism in the human condition did they unleash to rise to such a level of wisdom? They are masters of their inner life.

They have control over their emotions, thoughts and actions. They are not victims of their inherited tendencies. They worked so much on their consciousness that their weaknesses were transformed. They became true alchemists. They transformed their 'base' tendencies into the gold of enlightenment.

The reason why the tradition of wearing a crown or tiara exists, is because they are a physical reflection of inner wisdom. Saints depicted on church walls also have this gold crown or nimbus above their heads. It is symbolic of the golden energy field that clairvoyants see when they look at spiritual people. The crown and the nimbus are outer reflections of an inner state of consciousness. And the sumptuous robes are the glorious, colorful and luminous energy fields around these beings. Spiritual beings, who have control over their negative, destructive impulses have so purified themselves that their inner kingdom, the trillions of cells in their bodies look after them and revere them.

These cells are like the subjects in their kingdom. Only, spiritual beings don't patronise or look down on their cells, they are grateful and proud of the work their cells carry out. These spiritual masters can do all kinds of ''miracles'' because they have mastered the elements of fire(spirit) water (emotions) air (mind) earth (physical body) I once saw how the Bulgarian sage, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, protected his disciples by politely 'asking' the Angel of Air to change the direction of the wind to prevent a fierce, forest fire from moving towards his centre and wreaking havoc on the hundreds of his disciples. His intervention prevented a major catastrophe. Many times he and other spiritual masters, are able to change the destiny of their disciples, their country and even world conditions, simply by their interventions. Why? Because they have gained the respect of the Invisible world and its Beings, because these Beings recognise that these humans have developed their divine side.

True Royalty is a state of consciousness. The reward of living a masterful life is the respect and recognition of the invisible world, the natural world, the world of men and the physiological world of our cells.

Duncan Sequeira lives in London. He is passionate about health and wellbeing. He practices and teaches Chi Gung and he helps people build a global health business from home.Find out more by going to

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