Right Association Is Key To Your Ultimate Success

The reality is that humans are social animals. We are largely whether we would like to agree with it or not influenced by those around us, whether it be attitudes or values. In fact billions of dollars each year are spent by marketing companies to capitalize on our need to socially conform. For example when a wild elephant is to be tamed and trained, the best way to begin is by yoking it to one that has already been through the process. By contact, the wild one comes to see that the condition it is being led toward is not wholly incompatible with being an elephant.

I remember a startling example when at college in my first year I had a group of diligent and conscientious friends. All were good students and as a result I finished the year with a credit average. However, when second year came around my friendship circle changed and the friends were more interested in maximizing college life then scholarship. I managed to finish the year with a pass average and surprisingly pleased to see I hadn't failed any subjects. As social animals it is amazing to see how much we live up to the expectations of our friends, families and peers.

With this in mind it stands to reason then that if you want to succeed in life you need to find the right associations. So if you want more abundance you find someone who is already living abundantly, if you want more happiness you find someone happy and joyful and if you want health find someone who lives with health radiantly in every aspect of your life. If you associate yourself with the right people the power of osmosis will cause that which they focus on to you.

Studies have already show that if you are around sick people you too will soon be affected health wise and they have also shown that stress and anxiety can be shared amongst peers. You can already see this in social settings. Have you ever walked into a dinner when everyone was happy and joyous and all of a sudden someone enters the room and the room gets quite and moody. The power to infect those around you is greater than we take credit for and if you want to see ultimate success in your life you need to be aware of this and determine for your own life who is going to speak loudest in your life.

So today why not write down all the people in your life that you spend the majority of your time with, whether it be work colleagues, friends or family. Then decide on what speaks loudest in their life, where are they taking you and are you ok with that. If the people in your life aren't taking you to where you want to be or shaping you in the person you want to become then you need to decide how important is it to change it. Life is too short to be around negative people, so if it is a workplace then decide to find another job, if it is friends then start looking for different friends.

You can begin this today and the sooner you get started the sooner you will start to see your life changing for the better.

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