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Not sure what to wear for your adult costume this Halloween? Here is a look at some of the biggest trends for Halloween costumes this year so that you can decide what will be best for you. Ever year, the movie and music industry has a huge impact on the popular adult costumes. So keep in mind your favorites when shopping. Also keep in mind that popular adult costumes tend to sell out fast, even online, and especially the closer you get to Halloween. So you should shop early for the best selection and prices on adult costumes.

Sex and the City One of the most popular TV shows of all time is hitting the big screen this year. It is sure to hit the adult costume scene as well. This is a great idea for adult Halloween costumes if you are going with a group of girlfriends (or even guy friends if you have a great sense of humor).

Simply choose the character who is most like your personality (or most different if you want to try something daring) and go from there. Accessories are a big part of this adult costume idea, so don't forget "designer" shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry. Wigs can help you to play the part as well. Indiana Jones Indiana Jones is another popular big screen event this year, and offers plenty of excitement when it comes to adult Halloween costumes. You can dress like Indiana Jones himself, complete with whip and leather bomber jacket.

Or, consider channeling your inner Cate Blanchette for your Halloween costume and bring out your secret KGB naughty girl this Halloween. Ironman This box office hit offers plenty of inspiration for both adult Halloween costumes and the younger crowd. If you loved the comic books, or simply loved the movie, you could consider purchasing an Ironman adult Halloween costume this year and reveal your inner superhero. Sweeney Todd Need some gore in your life? Are you a Johnny Depp fan but are sick of pirates? Then consider an adult creepy barber costume for your adult Halloween costume this year. You could choose to be the infamous barber himself of simply one of the victims. Star Wars With the animated Clone Wars this summer, Star Wars is sure to be as big of a hit as ever.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to dress up in an adult costume portraying your favorite hero or heroine. If you are looking for a sexy adult costume, then Princess Leia's slave girl outfit is sure to be a hit of any party. Batman The masked crusader has always been popular, and the new movie this summer is sure to make Batman one of the more popular adult costumes this Halloween. And if you prefer the villain, the makeup-smeared Joker is another popular character costume that you can choose. If you do not feel like going with popular costumes, there are plenty of other options for adult costumes that you can consider. Sexy adult costumes are always in.

Plus, there are always the Halloween favorites of ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and witches to consider. Shop around and you are sure to find the adult costume for you!.

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