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Thermostatic radiator valves are not a very complicated piece of equipment, in theory radiator valves are the simplest piece of equipment available. A thermostatic valve is designed to regulate the flow of warm/cold air into a room. A thermostatic valve senses the temperature of a room and depending on the temperature decides how much warm air should flow into the room.

Compared to older central heating systems, thermostatic radiator valves ensure that a room remains at a certain temperature throughout the day. A central heating system fitted with a thermostatic valve is more fuel efficient when compared to the older central heating systems. Contrary to popular belief, thermostatic valves are not expensive at all and can cost anything from 5 to 20. A "flow to all" system has certain drawbacks that only thermostatic valves can overcome.

Instead of aimlessly heating a room, a thermostatic valve ensures the room is heated to a certain temperature and not overheated. If you are looking to improve your home's energy consumption and want to control the temperature of each room, then you should definitely consider installing thermostatic radiator valves on your central heating system. Before you start looking for equipment, the first task is measuring all your pipes so you can find thermostatic radiator valves of the same size. The next step is deciding which rooms you want to fit with thermostatic radiator valves.

Ideally, Upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and lounges should be fitted thermostatic radiator valves. In addition, you will require adjustable spanners, a radiator adaptor key, a radiator bleed key and other nick knacks like towels and plastic rolls. Apart from the radiator valves, all the equipment will probably cost you close to 30.

Although, there are numerous kits available in the market the simplest to install is the "no drain" kit. Once the system has cooled down, it takes around 15-20 minutes to install a radiator valve. It is important to keep at least one radiator without a thermostatic valve as this will allow easy water drainage. Also read all the documentation and instructions carefully, make sure the thermostatic radiator valves are compatible with your heating system and do not end up damaging the radiator. Since, you will be working with the radiator pipes, keep some sandpaper handy and clean each heating duct and pipe before installing the radiator valve.

Choosing a thermostatic radiator valve There is so much variety when it comes to thermostatic radiator valves that choosing a radiator valve can be a difficult decision. Ideally, you should choose radiator valves that allow greater flexibility and come equipped with 'frost protection'. Apart from regular temperature settings, new radiator valves come equipped with an additional setting that protects the radiator from frost, and the moment the temperature falls below 6 degrees, the thermostatic radiator valve turns on the radiator.

Also make sure that the radiator valves are equipped with protective caps or can be locked to prevent someone from changing the temperature. To know more about thermostatic radiator valves and to buy radiator valves visit

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