Picking out the Perfect Stroller for You

There are several types of strollers. Some are intended for specific purposes, such as lightweight strollers and joggers, while other strollers are designed for more regular use. Regardless of the variety of stroller you are buying, here are some points to think about before you buy your new stroller. Be certain the stroller comes with a proper, and operational, belting system. Look for a three-point restraint that wraps the waist and comes up between the legs. The latch should be comfortable against your child.

If you are purchasing a jogger, look for a five-point restraint system (shoulder straps) since jogging will lead to your child being bounced around. The shoulder belts must keep them in place comfortably even when jogging. Be sure the stroller has a brake. For most casual strollers, this will just be a brake to use when you are parking the stroller. Be certain it works reliably and is easy to use. For jogging strollers, you should also get a brake that can be used to brake the stroller while running.

Make sure the brake is easy to engage and that you can lock the tire(s) without too much effort. Most strollers have a mechanism that allows the stroller to be folded up for travel. Make sure that you can operate the folding mechanism by yourself; there's nothing worse than standing outside your car in the snow trying to fold your stroller.

Even more significant than how easy it is to fold, consider how dependable it is when it is open. Make sure that when opened, there is a strong locking mechanism that keeps the stroller from folding accidentally. If this happens when your kid is in the stroller, serious injury can result.

Test out the stroller and see how comfortable it is to operate. You should be able to operate the stroller with one hand. Strollers with front and rear swivel wheels will be easier to use. Strollers with wheels that only spin in one direction are harder to operate.

Verify the height of the handle. The stroller will be easiest to operate if the handle is at waist level. For most people, this will not be an issue. But if you are exceedingly short or tall, you may want to opt for a stroller with a handle that can be adjusted. Consider features that will make the stroller more, or less, comfortable for your child.

These include cup holders and bins for snacks; canopies to protect and against sun, rain, and wind; comfortable padding; and reclining seats (makes for easier napping). Be sure that the stroller has plenty of storage space for things like shopping bags, diaper bags, coats, etc. The more storage you have, the happier you will be with the stroller. Kids are messy. If your kids are especially prone to spilling, look for a stroller with removable covers on the seats. Whether the fabric is removable or not, try to select fabric on the stroller can readily be cleaned with water and mild detergent.

While a nice looking fabric may look great new, if it can not be washed the look will quickly fade. Carefully look at the frame of the stroller for sharp edges or pokey bits. In addition look for gaps that can catch small fingers and toes. Look at the leg openings of the stroller; make certain that they are not wide enough for for an infant to fall through. Before you purchase a new stroller, or any other product for your child, always check the product recall finder website (http://www.babycenter.

com/product-recall-finder) to see if there is a recall against the product you are considering.

Karen is a housewife with 3 children and over the years she's had plenty of chances to use a lot of strollers. You can check out her stroller reviews at eDistiller.

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