Now Is The Time To Find Your Success

I believe in a world where we will see greater success in people, we will also see a greater amount of failure among the people of America. I think there is going to be a widening gap between those that are successful because as they succeed it pushes them farther away from the middle and lower class. I believe that in many cases that now is the time to find that success in your life.

You can't wait for tomorrow, next month, or a year or two years from now. I talk to so many people that say that. They say they are 100% committed to their financial independence, but when it comes time to make that step, they let their fear and ignorance get in the way. It is a sad sign of human nature that they simply decide to do the things that weak people do.

They say no to their dreams. They like them as their dreams, but it is hard for them to actually take the step to convert it into reality. Why keep waking up each morning hating what you are doing and becoming another victim of monotony and mediocrity.

Isn't that a strong enough reason to say, "I have had enough"? I hope so, but majority of the time it isn't. People unfortunately let fear overcome the love they have for their abilities and potential. You can also throw in the importance of your family's future.

I know one of the strongest factors in determining my success was that my father did not have the type of mentality that I realize is necessary to create your own success and to get out of the rat race. He was secure working for an insecure company that was in and out of bankruptcy, handing out pay cuts to those that were "fortunate" to not be laid off. It was not a bad company, in fact it was a very good company, but he didn't create his own business opportunities until late in life. I couldn't blame him.

He didn't have the education that I was blessed to have and he did a lot with what he had. I appreciate everything that he gave me or else I would not be down the path I am now, but again I know that I could have been able to avoid a lot of bumps that I ran into personally if I did have the dad with the rich dad mentality. I just required me to find that out on my own. To find other role models that I could add to the list that I put my father on. I have found them and hope to find many more that can teach me whether male, female, older, or younger. It doesn't matter.

What is important to me is the success that I desire and the dreams I have. It is important to me that I can give to my children what I might have lacked sometimes in my youth.

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