Life Is Like A Streetcar You Need To Be Right On Track To Get The Power

Engineers know it. Streetcars know it. I know it, and in fact, you know it too. If you are not right on track, then you will not be getting any power. You will not feel the energy surge, and you will not feel love, freedom or abundance either. You will feel stuck and empty.

You must be on the right track before you can feel the drive of Universal Energy. Just like a streetcar. Imagine the most beautiful, the most sophisticated streetcar there is, equipped with all the latest technology.

In the tracks there is plenty of electricity available, always, ready and willing to pump its invigorating juice into whatever it is connected to. However beautiful or modern this streetcar may be, as long as it is not aligned with the tracks it will not get any power to go forward. The streetcar remains motionless. Mind you, this static condition is NOT a decision of the energy supply! The power line is NOT saying, hey, I do not like the looks of this streetcar, I will not give it any energy! The energy is always available, that is not the problem. But you need to know how to tap into it and use it for your own propulsion! We are all very familiar with the mechanism of power supply.

We have learned how to use electricity when we were kids. We all know that if we do not put the plug into the socket, then the lamp will not produce any light. We are not so stupid that we want the lamp to shine without making contact with the energy source. Then why are we so stupid when it comes to our own real life? Why do we not connect to the Universal Power Supply when we want to get our juices flowing? We are like the television set that all of the sudden stops working.

The repairman comes over only to find that your TV is completely okay, everything is checked and certified and functions properly. Then how come we did not get a signal? Because the plug fell out of the socket! How come we are always tired, low on energy, or depressed? Because we are not plugging into the Cosmic Source of Energy! We are like a lamp that tries to shine its light but forgot to plug itself into the power grid. We keep visiting the doctor to look for help, and he keeps saying that everything is fine, and that it is probably in your head, or your symptoms are due to stress. What he basically means, is : I have no clue what is wrong with you, sir/madam, technically everything is okay. All the while we simply forgot to plug in! If you want to be like a streetcar that is swiftly moving forwards along its tracks, then check your power connection! Energy is always available, but you have to be aligned with your tracks before you can receive it. So where is your track? The answer is: it is your mission.

Your track is the realization of your goal, your reason for being here on earth. You have a Life Plan. You have a Life Goal. This is the road you need to travel, this is the way you need to go, this is the track you need to follow.

You have your talents to discover, to develop and to offer to the world. God knows you will have plenty of energy once you start doing just that! Find your goal in life. Discover your mission. Discover your own unique talents, your gifts from heaven, given to you at birth.

You are meant to grow and cultivate your talents and gifts, and to offer them to the people you meet in your life, anyone that crosses your path. Do not hide your talents! What a waste that would be! Instead of crying out loud about fate, instead of blaming others for your misery, go ahead and ask yourself why you came on earth. Find the answer to this question, and then start to passionately live the answer! This is what it means to be right on track. Like a streetcar that smoothly moves along, energized by the ever-present power. Like the lamp, shining brightly to lighten up the lives of everyone in the room.

Plug into the universal energy; it is always there, for you as well as for everyone else. The only thing you have to do is to stay connected. Your connection is in the realization of your mission here on earth. All the energy you need is available to you through the socket that is your goal! So find your mission, find your talents, share them with the world, and Universal Energy will flow into your life to fulfill all your needs!.

Written by Ineke Van Lint, psychologist. Live your life your way, full of joy, abundance and enthusiasm! I will help you to find your passion and create success. Two free e-courses on

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