Learn to Stomp the Ego

Alright before you read this you may want to read my other article on posture. Oh you already have? Well then great lets get started. This article is mainly geared towards the women in this industry. The article isn't aimed at every woman but if you lack confidence talking to dominant males then its for you.

This article doesn't encompass every male in it, but we all know some males have their egos. This is how to deal with it effectively. I do really urge you to pick up a copy of "Prospecting with Posture" by Lisa Kitter Combs after you read this.

As she can explain this in greater detail than I can. I hear many women say that they have a hard time talking on the phone with males because many of them are very dominant. Well first thing is first learn to get some posture on the phone and take control of the conversation. I have actually heard of many women just flat out quitting after they get one of these dominant males on the phone.

So posture is extremely important. Ladies, have you ever gotten on the phone and heard the guy say something like, "Alright what do you got babe?" Or anything along the lines of derogatory or condescending words for that matter. Well to start the guy should be slapped, but that's a whole different story. Anyways, I learned a great thing for women to say to a guy like this. It will put you in a position of posture while also calming the aggressive male down.

After Prospect Bob says, "Alright babe ." You say, "Listen Bob, this is an interview and you're not doing so well. So if you want I can just let you go if you're not serious." Wait for a response, 9 out of 10 times the male will calmly say sorry and you can go on with your interview. I say interview because when you're talking to prospects it should be just that, an interview. You are qualifying them for you're time not the other way around.

Almost always this will get the male to realize that you mean business and you are very serious. Not only will it calm him down, he will also give you a lot of respect. The main thing to remember is that you're not being rude, you're being confident and men will respect that.

If you get a male who doesn't and starts to mouth off to you then you politely say goodbye. I hope this helps, but honestly if you want a better feeling of what I'm talking about get Lisa's tape set. Gees I hope I didn't anger too many males out there, but I have heard too many women complain about this. So I thought I was obligated to say something about it.

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