It Can Be Another Way

It can be another way. I don't think you came into this world to work day and night for small wages, to suffer ill health, and to be lonely. I don't think you came here to lose, over and over again. I think you came here because you have a dream. And this dream represents the best version of you.

All around you are people fulfilling their dreams, but their numbers are small. It's hard to meet them and draw inspiration from them. Instead you are surrounded by those who do not have time for dreams and who are silent about what is buried in their hearts. They are afraid to speak and to know themselves.

And yet somehow-you know it can be another way. Listen, here is what you must do. First, you must craft a vision. It is your template for success.

Then you must educate yourself and learn what the new thing requires of you. You must study and practice in the still, small hours of the morning. You must persist past your own self-doubts and fatigue. And this vision has to be planted upon the ground of your old reality, for the world will not move aside while you struggle to create anew.

You have to take your subconscious mind aside as you whisper to it the new version of you. It will resist. It likes the old. It likes the familiar.

But if you persist, the inertia, the procrastination, the sudden, low moods with which it guards the old paradigm will begin to weaken and your messages of hope will take root in fertile soil. Slowly, imperceptibly, things will change. Each day as you invent yourself anew while laboring with the old, you will move forward.

And one day, despite the outer and inner critics, you will prevail. You will look upon riches and a life of ease, robust health, and an enduring relationship based on mutual affection and respect. You will do work that helps the world. You will act in a way that is pleasing to your soul. Create a vision. Hold on to it.

Study and practice. Overcome your hesitations. Things will change. It can be another way.

Saleem Rana is a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. Free audio interviews on the secrets of achievement by some of the greatest success legends and free e-books on how to get what you want are available at

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