Internet Jungle Frightens Me

Does this internet thing frighten YOU ? Are you really confused with all the information overload and hypes about making money online ? Are you frustrated as to how to get started and make your internet financial dreams come true ? Do you ask these questions. * How to get started? * Can I make money online? * What should I sell? * Will people buy my product? * How to design my site? * How to automate my site? * How to drive traffic to my site? Here are some excuses that newbies make. * I am not creative. * I have no money to invest in my business. * I have no technical skills.

* I am confused. * I want a readymade business and want to make money instantly, this is just too tough for me. Eyes popping on a screen with 100,000 channels totally confused, hunting for a channel where dollars exist. Waiting for some miracle to happen and praying to make millions overnight. Lots of hypes and B.

S. floating all around by some so-called Gurus just to get those few bucks out of your pocket. Who must I believe and not? Another big question. But answer to 'How can I achieve success?' is no-where hidden in answers to these above questions.

YOU and only YOU are responsible for your success or failure. Make a firm determination 'I will do it no matter what happens' and believe me you will. Success is within YOU and no where else.

If you want to be big, think BIG. You cannot get extraordinary results by doing ordinary things. Making it short. * Have patience. * Be determined to succeed. * Copy and learn from experts.

* Above all have faith in God. Check Out Your 8 Steps To Success. 1. Always think positive and be away from negativity. Life has tremendous possibilities above our imagination.

Take advantage of it. 2. Strive to succeed. Never give up and never EVER quit.

Try and try till you succeed. 3. Work smart and learn everything YOU can.

Key between success and failure is know-how. Get it from experts and you will SUCCEED. 4.

DRIVE yourself with a burning desire to succeed. Stay focused on your goals at all times. 5.

Never run behind 'get rich quick' and 'overnight millionaire' schemes. Rather push up your creative juices and do something different. 6. Always think BIG, be open-minded and have confidence in yourself. 7.

Never get upset from some initial failures. Step on them to find your hidden success. 8. Once again, I repeat it several times; patience, passion, persistency, commitment, determination, hardwork, vision and a burning desire to succeed are the ONLY ways to massive success. I believe I have charged YOU up for success. NOW! Lets Be Practical.

I am just a 23-year-old ordinary guy from India and have been a victim of tremendous fear in this internet jungle. This entire article relates to my feelings, fear, frustration, confusion and tears for the last three years. And it is quite possible you might be at the same place where I was.

No guidance, no help, no advice, all alone in this jungle. My biggest fear was of financial loss, which when comes to internet can be as fast as water flows from a tap. And I know this fear exists in thousands of newbies.

I am committed to help you, and get you out of this internet jungle. The only requirement is your hardwork and a will to succeed. I wish you all the very best in this internet jungle and pray for your success. Until next time, a well wisher and a caring friend, Murtuza.

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