Impossible Just Got Possible Give This A Try

If you're reading this, then you've probably been presented with a situation that feels completely hopeless. Or have just been through such a thing and are still doubting your decision. maybe you could've come up with something better. You feel like you're in a box with the lid screwed on tight and have no options.

That kind of pressure can make you feel entirely overwhelmed. The more you think about it, the fewer options you have. Let's start from the beginning; you have to change the attitude surrounding it -- the energy.

You can't solve a problem in the same energy it was born in. Doesn't work. Get out and do something completely different - go for a walk, watch a TV show you can really get into, go shopping.

Whatever it takes to put you in a different frame of mind. Now that you've accomplished that, let's look at something you can do to begin to crawl out of that box. Start by playing the "what if" game.

"What if" every silly idea that comes into your head that is even remotely related to the situation (note I didn't say "problem"). For example: There's no money in the bank, you have no credit or poor credit, but you still want to buy a house. For starters in our little "what if" scenario we might come up with something like: "what if" I did have the money; "what if" I did have the credit; "what if" I didn't need bank financing; "what if" I met someone who knew how to put me in that house. Do you see where this is going? You're opening up your creative flow, allowing the self-help side of you go to work.

When you do that, you stop judging and analyzing every little thing before you even have a chance to look at it. Sure some of the "what if's" you come up with are just that. But you're also going to come up with some that could actually lead somewhere. For instance, our "what if I didn't need bank financing" from above.

There are several private lenders out there who only lend to individuals with very little money. These private lenders look for people who purchase from them and not a lending institution. Why? It gives that private lender a monthly income.

And it gives the individual a chance to get into a house and time to get their credit cleaned up. Then after a couple of years or so has passed, people can get conventional financing and probably save some on a better rate. Giving them the financial wellness they are looking for. Your issue is quite likely completely different. But the principle remains the same. The more you let the creative side of you flow - unjudged, even silly - the more you're going to change the mental box you're in.

And when that happens - you're out! You just beat the box!.

My name is Brenda Richards and I've been in the alternative health field for years, both as a professional and a consumer. When I try something that works I want to share it. I found a product that not only relieves pain but gives super energy. I wrote about it in a free report -- I was that impressed. Get yourself a copy now at: I can be contacted at:

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