How To Use Failure to Succeed

I know the title may seem somewhat contradictory and even nonsensical but the concept is sound. We need to realize that in order to succeed you are going to come across obstacles and even failures along the road. This always occur because in order to succeed in something great you have to step outside of your comfort zone which necessitates failures along the way. This is fine though, most people fear failure which is the very reason they never succeed at anything worthwhile.

We have been conditioned through our school system and our parents to not fail. The school system rewards correct answers and denounces incorrect answers. Our parents in their need to protect us from harm, punished us for mistakes. So we have grown up in an environment where failure is not seen as a positive thing and indeed often times negative consequences resulted from failures. What you have to realize today is that in order for you to succeed, you will need to realize your concept of failure will need to be redefined.

You need to begin to embrace the concept of failure as a helpful guide on your journey providing you with useful insights and learning's to help you to succeed at your goals. Once you realize that failing is not the end of the world and that it is a positive confirmation that you are moving in the right direction then you will no longer fear jumping head on into your goal. The reason most people never pursue their goals and dreams is that they fear failing and looking stupid. So they convince themselves that in order to step out in the unknown they need more information so they delve into finding the information and keeping themselves busy without ever taking a step in the direction of their dreams. If you only knew how many times some of our greatest achievers made then we wouldn't have to fear failure so much. It is said that the average multi millionaire in the silicon valley goes bankrupt 3 times before hitting the big time.

The actor Jim Carey was booed off many a stage while a young comedian. We have electric light bulbs because Thomas Edison refused to give up even after 10,000 failed experiments. So if you want to succeed you need to just jump right into it and see failure as a wonderful learning experience. What no one can ever take from you is the experience and learning that you get by doing.

You can learn from books and from other people but what will help you ultimately succeed in the future is the lessons you learnt by doing both the successes and the failures. After all without failures how can you ever appreciate your successes.

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