How To Put Divine Order Back Into Your Life

Order is a beautiful thing. As are balance and harmony. With them, your inner peace deepens, your productivity improves, people appreciate you more, things get done, and you notice that you start to prosper.

While chaos seems more natural to all of us, order, surprisingly enough, is not that difficult to achieve. Here is a simple method to put your life in divine order. Instead of creating a "to-do" list create an affirmation list. The problem with "to-do" lists are that they tend to not get done.

You find yourself procrastinating. In fact, you feel discouraged before you have even begun. A "to-do" list is a list of problems. Unfortunately, the list itself is seen as a problem.

The way most people tend to solve problems is to avoid them. Sometimes problems do go away--but not often enough to make this a reliable method. Now, imagine, that you wrote a list of affirmations instead.

An example may make it easier to understand. A typical to-do list might look like this: 1. Clean out the house. 2. Pay the bills.

3. Do the laundry. Switch it to an affirmation list: 1.

I feel good and everyone else is happier, too, because my house is clean and orderly. 2. I feel proud of myself for paying all my bills on time as people then gladly provide me with the services that I need.

This positive attitude brings even more prosperity into my life. In fact, because of my prosperity consciousness I'm discovering a large surplus left over from each paycheck. 3. I enjoy wearing fresh and clean clothes because it shows my high self-esteem.

Try out this simple idea. Your mind likes to win. It's better psychology than trying not to lose. Hope for gain is better psychology than fear of loss. Why not improve your psychology today as you do your chores and bring your life into beauty, balance, and harmony.

Saleem Rana, a psychotherapist, would love to share his inspiring ideas with you. Hunting everywhere for a life worth living? Discover the life of your dreams. His free book tells you how.

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