How To Live a Life of Abundance

They say if you want more you need to give more. It seems quite a contrarian kind of though but its amazing how true it is. It seems that those who live in scarcity have a mindset of scarcity. They tend to then act out that sense of not enough by controlling, withholding and holding on to what little they have.

This might be material possessions, money or it could be their time. We all have seen people who live with this scarcity mentality, they penny pinch. They save and live frugally. However what is strange is that these very people on the whole are never really living in any financial abundance. It would seem that the very lifestyle they are embracing is the very lifestyle that locks them into the lack and scarcity. So if you want to live a life of abundance you first have to do the opposite of those who live their lives of scarcity do.

So how do you go about living a life of abundance. The first thing you have to realize is that the world doesn't operate with limitations placed on us. If there is limitation in your life it has been created and kept in existence by you.

You are the only person that has the capacity to place limitations on yourself. Sure other people may suggest the thought into your life but it is you that can determine whether you keep it and take ownership of that limitation or rise above it and set a higher standard for your life. If you notice people who are living in abundance and prosperity you will notice that these people are givers. You need to have a giving spirit. The reason why people who live in scarcity hold onto their money so tightly is because they believe that it is a limited resource, that the pie is only so big so to speak and once you have taken out your slice then there is only so much pie left.

That's not how people who live in abundance see it. They see that as you help others, then the pie gets bigger and each person actually shares in a bigger slice. If the world was a finite resource and there is only so much to go around then why is it that the share market over any previous decade in time keeps breaking new records with its indices. If the size of the pie was fixed then wouldn't the stock index be a fixed number and the distribution would just change each year between each of the companies listed in the index.

But companies keep growing, they create new markets and as competitors grow innovations drive the economy further and the pie enlarges for everyone. That is not to be confused by the fact that wealth is distributed evenly. But we have to realize that the more we give of ourselves, the more we give of what we have be it finances then the more we receive because we then start to approach life as though we have unlimited resources and a sense of abundance. As we believe with conviction in our minds and that which we focus with intensity so it is confirmed in our lives and more abundance will start to show up more often in everything we do. The concept of tithing is a great thing, its most common in a religious setting whereby you give away generally around 10% of what you earn to the church. But this concept can be duplicated in other areas other than the church if you are that way inclined.

Why not start the habit of giving today by donating 10% of what you earn to a charity you believe strongly in or a community organization in needs of funds. You will be amazed at how great you will feel and the sense of contribution in your life will start to manifest in so many positive ways. You will start to appreciate the blessings you have in your life and no longer be controlled by your money but instead you control it.

You will experience a sense of freedom and abundance that you will not realize could be possible.

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