How to Have Fun for the Holidays

The Holidays are steadily approaching and whether you're prepared or not, you'll soon be catapulted into a schedule that could have you traveling across the country or at least the town in order to visit your loved ones and reconnect families for the holidays. Parties at work and with friends will soon fill your calendar with events to attend and gifts to be purchased. This means Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey, Christmas Presents and any other holiday that you might celebrate will be lurking just around the corner. If holidays usually get you down and you're really dreading the hustle and bustle of preparation rather than investing time with family and friends, then perhaps you should try some new traditions this year. Instead of one person slaving over the Thanksgiving Turkey all day, make the turkey preparation a family event. It can make a dreaded task become one of your favorite holiday traditions.

Assign each family member a responsibility for the turkey. For Instance, have an older child monitor the turkey thermometer. They'll most likely take the responsibility seriously and be busy little bees eagerly awaiting the turkey to be ready to eat. When it's a family event, you're making lasting memories so don't hold back. Why not assign another child the responsibility of setting the Thanksgiving or Christmas table or making Thanksgiving or Christmas crafts such as homemade table settings. This, too, can give them a vested interest in the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

With Christmas around the corner, there are several new projects you can try and hopefully have fun and start some new traditions as well, or enhance your current traditions. Try doing making some homemade ornaments to spread holiday cheer. Not only will it decorate your home for the holidays, it makes fabulous, personalized gifts for loved ones. Light up the Yule Log and make them by the warmth of the fire. In addition, what a wonderful place to have your holiday photos taken for those Christmas cards? Christmas is often the busiest times of year; however, it's one of the best times to make memories.

Why not create memories for others not as fortunate as you and your loved ones by participating in a time old tradition, Christmas Caroling. Many shut-ins and elderly people can't travel for the holidays and enjoy having others visit and spreading the Christmas cheer. With the Internet at your fingertips, it's not difficult to find many holiday activities to participate in this holiday season. Spice up your meals with new recipes, new ways to decorate your home, learn how to make homemade wrapping paper to add your or your child's personal touch. The holidays are an opportunity to make memories new and old and to enjoy your loved ones. It's the time to celebrate each other and yourself.

Holiday's are busy, but they don't have to be a mindless terror. With a little organization and a lot of family fun, you can put the joy back into the holiday season.

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