How To Get Yourself Out Of a Rut

There are moments in everyone's life when things just seem to fall into place, when things just happen effortlessly and seamlessly. Then we have those other times in our life that we dread, when doors seem to just be slammed shut, opportunities fall through and everything just seems to be a struggle. It can be easy during these times to fall into a rut where everything just compounds on itself. To get out of a rut you need to first realize that everything has its seasons. Just like we have distinct seasons like summer, winter etc our lives run in distinct seasons as well. Imagine living in winter all year long year after year.

I know some people choose to live like this in some remote places like Antarctica but the rest of us enjoy our seasonal changes. So as with seasons you must learn to realize that no matter how bad things get that this too will pass. Most people stay in a rut because they hold onto this doom and gloom instead of releasing it for something better for our lives. The famous dead sea is a great illustration of this. The Dead Sea received its name because no life can exist in its waters. The Jordan River is the source of fresh water for it, but as soon as the water reaches the Dead Sea, it can't go any further, so it becomes stagnant.

The fresh part of the water evaporates rapidly in the hot desert climate and all the salt; minerals, etc. are left behind. This too can happen in our lives. There are blessings and opportunites everyday flowing into our lives daily, but because where in a rut all we see is the negative.

We turned the fresh water in our lives to the dead see. It's amazing how often what we do focus on becomes our reality. If this concept seems a little far fetched just remember the last time you got really excited about something like buying a new car. You researched and thought about your dream car and then all of a sudden you saw that car everywhere you went, that same model, colour or make. It's as though all these cars just miraculously appeared from no where but in reality it's just because we have now just focused on it and our brains have filtered it out for us. So learn to focus on gratitude, opportunity and the great things that is still in your life.

Even if its small. Be grateful for your health, family or friends whatever, because what you focus on becomes your reality and if you want to get out of your rut you first must realign your focus.

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