How to Choose and Size an Online Halloween Costume

Buying a Halloween costume online is as simple as finding the right costume, ordering it, and hoping all goes well, right? Actually, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your online Halloween costume is a hit offline. Numerous buyers make the mistake of not preparing before going on their yearly crusade, with many taking this pursuit online. Taking your Halloween costume crusade online might be a good idea in the short run, but shopping without preparation ruins your experience in the long run. The biggest step in saving yourself from a bad online experience? Believe it or not, it's your body! Here's what you need to know about your body, how to find the right online Halloween costume, and why size does matter.

Body Matters When Choosing the Right Costume So why does your body matter? It matters because your body is the difference between a cute Halloween costume and a frumpy, badly-worn costume. The latter is obviously an experience you want to forgo. Unfortunately for many online shoppers, this is an experience they will run into -- if they don't pay attention to their body, that is.

No, this doesn't mean you can measure your waist and it's finished. This means pull up a mirror, strip down to your birthday suit, and really look at your figure. Here's what to look for:  Your body shape. Are you a pear or apple shape?  Size of body parts. Which part of your body is biggest? Is it your waist? Once you've figured this out, here is what you need to know about choosing online Halloween costumes for your unique figure. Choosing Halloween Costumes by Figure The look of the costume isn't enough -- how it's made matters too.

Here are some pointers for choosing a flattering online Halloween costume: ? Pear shapes, avoid: Tight mini-skirts, big dresses, costumes that emphasize your thighs ? Apple shapes, avoid: Costumes that bunch around the middle, sleeveless costumes, puffy shirts Keep in mind that your costume should not look tight around any unpleasant body part. You do not want your costume to be too loose around it either, because that emphasizes those unsightly zones. Once you're finished with this evaluation, take these measurements:  Waist  Hip  Bust  Upper arm  Neck  Leg Now you're ready to buy your Halloween costume online! Choosing a Halloween Costume Online The field gets even bigger when venturing online. Choosing the right Halloween costume is tricky, but avoidable if you know your body type.

Remember if you're an apple shape, stay away from costumes that emphasize your lower half. If you're a pear shape, stay away from Halloween costumes that emphasize your upper half and stomach. If your figure is different than the rest, remember to avoid emphasizing that unflattering body part. The process is very simple once you remember this -- you can choose whatever online Halloween costume you want once you avoid these areas. Quick note: Before purchasing your online Halloween costume, search for their sizing charts. It varies with each online store, but all stores list size definitions by measurements.

Compare those measurements to your own and decide which online Halloween costume is best for you. Following preparation criteria before shopping online saves you a lot of headache in the long run (and maybe money too!). Knowing your true size makes your Halloween experience easier, and you'll be glad you found a wonderful online Halloween costume that fits your unique figure. Choosing is tough, but once you understand which Halloween costume is best for your body, you can benefit from the wide variety of online Halloween costumes. Remember when choosing your Halloween costume to measure, evaluate your body type, and read each store's sizing policy. Going this route saves you from choosing the wrong costume, a nightmare most people go through when shopping online.

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