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A guide is a being who assists you in the completion of a task. It doesn't mean that the guide does the task for you, or takes your power, or leaves you in financial ruin, or belittles you, or demeans you. You could encounter a guide who will come in the guise of a rude being. But part of the lesson might be that you stand up for yourself, take back your power (or don't give it out in first place), and trust yourself rather than someone else's wisdom.

Also recognize a significant moment when you are acting as a guide for someone else and what it is you are there to assist them or teach them at that moment. In this thought a misconception is that a guide is usually someone older. This is not always the case. A child could be a guide at that moment for her parent or older individual. So even if you are the youngest person in a group, you could be the guiding light for everyone else. Knowing this don't be afraid of saying the wrong thing, because what is meant to happen will.

Many times in your life, people will come to you for your wisdom, answers, or to tell them what to do. Be careful that you are not doing the work for them, when they could find the information out on their own. Everyone has to do the work.

Everyone has to walk on her/his own path. You don't always help by giving them the answers or making it easy for them. They don't have to continue growing if you do all the work. It is better to be a reflection back to them of what they are saying, thinking, and feeling. You will have to do your work too. No one can do it for you if you are going to complete a task in this life to your satisfaction.

Every moment you will be given opportunities for a guide to assist you or for you to be a guide to someone. Make sure it is the right guide for you in that moment. Again it is by the exchange of information and the feeling inside of a sense of trust, and that you are on the same wave length, and it feels beneficial for your learning and development in a particular direction.

That you are not held against your will or that you are being forced into doing something that doesn't feel right. Guide is just that -a guide. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat.

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