Grow as a Coach Lessons to Learn

Growing as a coach is about taking on board lessons from as many places as you can: You can take on board lessons from your past experience. This will help you to see what patterns have got you where you are today. What your beliefs are, and how they impact on the way you coach. What motivates you, and what you have done well in the past, will give you some ideas of where your future strengths may be.

You can take on lessons from other coaches. You can read their blogs, find out what they have been doing and what seems to be successful for them. You can also meet with them at networking events, in person or via the internet.

One place you can do this is via my website, with my free e-course based on the lessons I learnt when I set out as a coach (see the details on resource box) You can take on lessons from a mentor. Who has already done what you want to do as a coach? Maybe they would be able to share some of the elements which have helped them be successful. If they have websites, or published books, you can probably get some of this without even speaking with them. You can take on lessons from your coach training school. They are experts in working with coaches who are new and in training, and the good ones will continue to support you in some way when you have completed your training.

What are some of the top lessons that are useful to learn to continue to grow as a coach? What is worth investing your time and finances in? Do your research - it's best to do your homework before you commit to any kind of investment. One client I worked with had a great saying for this when it came to thinking about purchasing products etc - "Eyes wide open, purse tight shut". Be sure about what your criteria is for investment and what you want - and how closely that product / service/ training will help you to meet it. What do I need to learn from that coaching situation? Not ever coaching session will go the way you want. You won't always be able to sign up the clients you want, or have an "easy ride" with the ones you do have. Having a space to reflect, such as a journal or through coaching supervision, will help you to continue to grow as a coach & stay fresh.

What is special about me? It's all about marketing, marketing, marketing. What makes you unique? Only you have your mix of strengths, talents, work you do. What is that combination & how can you get out there and start telling people about it? What is the best use of my time? Time is precious. Are you working on something which will help you continue to grow your coaching skills, grow your business, grow your energy by resting? If you only worked 15 minutes a day on your business, what would be the most powerful use of that time?.

Claire Chapman is the owner of The Fabulous Coaching Company & focuses on helping trainee coaches & newly qualified independent coaches become more confident on their professional journey. Claire has a full range of resources including a complimentary 30 day ecourse at Find out more by visiting the site.

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