Essential Self Confidence Building Points

At some point in our lives, we experience lack of self confidence due to various reasons and causes. Maybe, we are not good in the class. Maybe, we are not the sporty type trapped in group of athletes. Or maybe, we consider ourselves incapable of achieving something that others might find pretty easy. These reasons build up that we end in the situation where we have no self confidence in either hand.

Aside from this reason, low self confidence can also be rooted from race, gender, or physical appearance. If you lack self-confidence, you might also have low self-esteem. And the root of these two is your outlook on yourself.

Surely, if you see yourself as ugly, incapable, and different from others, your self-confidence and self-esteem are low. Most people who lack self-confidence tend to believe every negative comment others say about them. And they would not even bother to differentiate which are constructive and which are destructive. So make sure that the moment somebody gives you criticism, never just accept every word they say. The point is, either we root our lack of self confidence from the past experiences or internal conflict, we need to take some actions.

And so, here are the essential points on how you build your self confidence. Take responsibility. It does not have to be taking over a group and become a leader. Taking small responsibility such as assuming chores will provide a good start on building self confidence. Once you have assumed and successfully executed small responsibilities, then you can take bigger ones.

The idea is, start small and work your way from there. Set goals. On every encounter you do, draw up your goal.

Start small and focus on achieving this goal. Soon, you will find yourself setting more difficult goals. This will provide you self confidence. Be positive. You will notice that when you think often of the negative things or the negative effects on each thing or task you do, you end up disregarding the positive side. And this would further give you low self confidence.

What you should do is to think of the positive side. This might be an easy thing to do but it may be very hard if you get used to thinking negative things. FORCE yourself to think of the good side rather than the bad.

Start your day by facing the mirror and praising yourself. You might think this is embarrassing, but this technique is very effective. If you start your day happy, your task will fairly lighten. Why? Because you will have a positive outlook on the whole day.

Seeing yourself as a beautiful being will certainly make everything beautiful in the process. And soon, you will walk on the street happy and contented. Stand in the middle of the crowd. This does not mean you have to be the center of attention. It only means that you have to make some contacts and get the conversation going. You don't just sit on a party and feel sorry for yourself because no one talks to you.

Approach people. self confidence is build up with communicating well. Avoid unnecessarily stress. Your aim is to build your self confidence and you cannot do that if your trap yourself in the situation wherein tasks surround you.

What you should do is to avoid these by taking each task efficiently and one at a time. This will get the things done at the same time remove the burden and the thought that you cannot finish everything in time. Provide help to others. Your aim is to feel good about yourself that would result to self confidence. If you offer your time on helping others, you will certainly feel good about yourself. Take care of yourself.

Live healthy, eat healthy and get plenty of rest. This will make you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

Self Confidence is Essential. Read more exclusive articles on self confidence.

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