End the Homework Battles With The ADD Kids In Your Class Tips For Teachers Who Are Tired Of hearing The Dog Ate My Homework

End the Homework Battles With The ADD Kids In Your Class- 9 Tips For Teachers who are tired of hearing "The Dog Ate My Homework." A successful homework session starts at school. Here are some tips to help you to help Children with Attention Deficit Disorder and other special needs kids in getting HOMEWORK done properly and handed in on time. 1.

Set aside some time each day for the students to copy down assignments into their dairies. 2.Write the assignments down on the board and then read them aloud to make sure that everyone understands exactly what has to be done. 3.

If possible, provide typed assignments for all the students. If that isn't possible, try to provide typed assignments only for those students who have special challenges, such as ADD. 4.If your school has a website, post the assignment to the website as well so that students who lose the assignment can find it it later on as well. 5.

Ensure that the students copy each assignment down correctly, completely and on the correct calendar page. 6.Pair kids up and let them check that the other has properly copied the homework assignment. 7.

Before dismissing them have the students work together to pack their homework planners as well as the material needed to complete the homework into their bags. 8.Provide a checklist on the board of all the notebooks, textbooks etc the child will have to take home in order to complete the assignment correctly. 9.Lastly, especially in the case of the a child who has attention deficit disorder, try to reduce the amount of homework given to them.

For example, giving him only 6 math problems instead of 10 will be enough for him to demonstrate that he has mastered the concept without overloading him.

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