Double Baby Jogging Stroller

One drawback that many women face when they have children is weight gain. It's an inevitable part of becoming pregnant and for a lot of women, the extra pounds stick around long after the baby is born. Getting back to working-out can be a challenge, especially if you dont have someone who can watch your children for you. With a double baby jogging stroller you can simply take the kids with you.

They get to enjoy the view while you get to enjoy a nice, brisk jog. The age of your children will be one of the factors you'll want to carefully consider before choosing a model. Some double jogger strollers are fashioned so the children sit next to one another, while others accommodate two children, one behind the other. If your kids are the same age, the side-by-side design might be most appropriate. This allows the children the chance to interact and it also distributes the weight very evenly.

Many people who have twins decide to purchase this type of double baby jogging stroller. They are designed to accommodate children from birth through five years of age, so you can expect to get lots of use out of them. A traditional tandem stroller is often a better choice if your children are a couple of years apart in age.

The older child can sit in the front of the double baby jogging stroller while the back is best suited for a baby. In some double jogger strollers, the back seat can even be reclined so that a small baby can be placed flat for comfort. Many moms and dads who use these as part of their work-out routine look for a model that can hold a few essentials including water bottles, snacks for the kids and a cell phone. A double baby jogging stroller with a pouch in the back is a great choice. Some even come equipped with a special holder designed for either a water bottle or a baby's bottle. Long jogs will obviously require some extras including items for changing a baby or toddler.

If this is a consideration for you, a double baby jogging stroller with a basket underneath that can accommodate these things will work well. As the children grow you can use this space for snacks, sunscreen and picture books. There's no reason for a parent to not get out and walk or run, even if they have small children to tend to. The fresh air will be good for everyone and you'll love getting in shape while sharing time with your kids.

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