Dont Be Held Back by Your Logical Mind

We are blessed to have such powerful minds to put to work for us. Unfortunately, our minds tend to end up getting a much bigger role than they should. This can cause us to be held to the same old comfortable reality, which I imagine, you would probably like to see improvements in! Our logical mind has a definite purpose, it can figure things out, it can plan, it can analyze, figure out how to make things work, figure out how to implement a plan.

These are all wonderful things that help us in our day to day life. But the logical mind is just that, logical. It does what "makes sense". And just what makes sense to the logical mind? What has worked in the past. What it has seen work for others. Hmm, let's see, so if you are making decisions and living your life with your logical mind in charge, what could the future possibly look like? Same as the past!!! And is that what you want? I'm guessing no.

We are always growing and expanding and with that comes the desire for more. That is a natural part of this life and it is a good thing. So how can you prevent your logical mind from holding you back like this? It helps to see it from a bigger perspective.

You see, if the mind had the perspective of the soul it would have a much bigger picture of your life and of what is possible. It would not look to the past to see what to do. It would see the potential and move forward. But the logical mind does not see this big picture. It only sees what is and what has been.

So if you are wanting to take your life to a new level, to break into wonderful new territory do you really want to be putting your logical mind in charge? I don't think so. So how do you deal with this? Who is in charge then? You. You are not your mind. Your mind is a tool you have available to you. And you have the ability to access higher information through your intuition. You can receive guidance from a higher part of yourself that sees the big picture.

It is up to you to choose how you make decisions in your life. From the logical mind, or maybe based on a higher knowing. You choose. That is why your intuition is an important part of this journey to your even better life. It is your access to the big picture.

And you may never get to see that bigger picture and that doesn't matter. You just need the insight from the part of you that does see it. So now it's time for action! You'll only get so far with just reading.

If you truly want to take your life to a new level, here is an exercise that will help you begin to give your logical mind it's rightful role and open to a higher wisdom that knows how to take you there. This is a simple yet powerful exercise to help you do this. Exercise: Self-Awareness, Opening to Higher Wisdom For this exercise, and in life, it is helpful to see yourself as the observer of your mind.

That way you have the true power to decide, rather than just leaving it up to the part of you that only knows the old way. Get out a piece of paper and a pen. At the top of the paper, write: My Ideal Life. Then, close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and allow yourself to begin to imagine what that ideal life might look like. When you really start feeling good, begin to write out a few of the things or experiences that you would like to have, what your ideal life is like. And when you are done, take your list and really look at it.

Review your list and ask yourself: "Could I really do this? Could I really have that?" And see what thoughts come to mind, be honest with yourself, one of the biggest trip ups on this path is to pretend you are more positive than you are, I know this all too well! When you notice these thoughts, write them down not in detail, just the main idea. Now begin to take a look at these thoughts and ask yourself: Is this thought telling me why I can't do it? Is this thought about HOW it can't happen? Is this thought denying the possibility of it happening? If so, recognize that it is just your logical mind in it's limited perspective, seeing only what has been to determine what will be in the future. Now let's open this up! Take the negative thoughts you know are from your logical mind and ask the question: "Am I 100% sure that this is true?" And if you aren't 100% sure it's true, ask: "Could it maybe be possible for me to have this thing I want?" And just allow your mind to calm down and open to receiving wisdom from a higher source. This is easy, no need to make it harder than it is. Simply see what new thoughts, images or ideas come up.

You've just seen your logical mind in action and opened to a higher wisdom, congratulations! Begin to notice throughout the day these similar thoughts that tie you to the past. Question these thoughts, "are you 100% sure that it's true?" and if not, open to a higher possibility. A powerful skill that can help you break out of the old and into that wonderful life you've been envisioning, stopping your logical mind from holding you back from it! Copyright (c) 2008 Fia Crandall.

Fia Crandall is an Intuitive Coach & Healer who helps spiritually conscious women take their life to a new level with energy and authenticity. Receive her FREE E-Course: "3 Steps to Creating Your Heart-Felt Desires!" by visiting:

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