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It is always fun to build things. If you are just getting into do-it-yourself carpentry, it could be pretty difficult to select a first project. Creating a spice rack might seem too conceived, and besides who does not already own a spice rack? For my part, I recommend sticking to something practical and doing it right. Beginners refuse to start with major pieces like a living room table, but all the same, it is a great boost of encouragement to be able to use your first projects to good effect. This is why I recommend dog houses as a first project for pet owners everywhere.

There are many reasons why dog houses are a great way to start. One of the best reasons is the availability of dog house plans. You can buy plans to build anything from a single room doghouse to huge dog kennel houses fit to accommodate a large group. The simplicity of the project is even more important. Building your own dog house couldn't be any easier! Of course, houses for dogs just like anything else, can get as elaborate as you want them to.

However, for a first project, it is always best to stick with a simple plan, and for your pet's comfort and safety, a simple doghouse can be more than adequate. Even dog houses with a heating system are not too difficult to build, necessitating only the addition of a small coil that can be easily maintained and safely attached to the frame. Basically, dog houses are nothing but three walls and the standard slanted roof. They are just slightly harder to build, in fact, than a box. You may decorate them just the way you like.

As a matter of fact, as a way to include my kids in my first project, I let them decorate the dog houses themselves. They painted flowers, stars, smiling kids, and all manner of other artwork all over the sides. By the time they were done, it was a work of art! There are a few safety measures you have to take when building a dog house. Basically, anything that the dog can chew, scratch, or tear apart, he or she probably will. Be certain that the wood is of a fine quality that does not chip off easily, and that all nails are carefully pounded in where your dog can not get to them. If you do all that the right way, you will have a happy dog with a comfortable shelter for a lot of years to come.

So grab your trusty saw and start your project today!.

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