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At this time of year, many people earnestly set New Year's resolutions. A month from now, they start chastising themselves for not making any progress on their promises. And three months later, those noble intentions are totally forgotten. This is because resolutions don't work! Resolutions are based on things you 'should' do; not on choices you are inspired to make.

This year try something different. Instead of doomed resolutions, create a personal vision. A life vision is about allowing your true self to emerge. It is not about fixing or changing who you are, but rather expanding your life's expression of the real you.

A vision is what your wiser authentic self desires for you. Creating a vision for the New Year is like choosing a catchy theme song. It needs to be an expression of both who you are now and the person you want to become. It is not another goal to add to your to-do list, but rather a guiding image that will draw you forward, inspiring you to stretch and grow. Here is a visualization and journaling exercise to help get you started. Create a comfortable quite, harmonious time and space for reflection.

Perhaps you want to light some candles or build a cozy fire, or put on some soothing, background music. Get settled, and focus on your breath, slowly inhale pure, healing air and exhale all worry and stress. Imagine that you have fast forwarded in time and it is now Dec 30th, 2008, the end of an amazing year full of inner growth. You have truly accomplished all that you wanted to achieve both personally and professionally. Take time to savor how this feels to have fulfilled your dream. You have reached a pinnacle in your life.

From this summit, you can look out over whole valley and see the path you traveled throughout the year. Take a moment to enjoy the view. Now looking down the path you traveled, reflect on each step of the journey and all that you accomplished. Acknowledge each growth spurt and the satisfaction of every small achievement. Take your time, and give thanks for everything that made this moment possible. Think back to the beginning of 2008 and how this whole journey started with just a seed of inspiration, one determined thought that began with the words, "Now is it time for me to become .

" Reclaim and declare that intention. Shout it from the mountain top and listen to it echoing through out the valley, Now take two or three deep breaths and return to the present. Open your journal and write down the words you shouted on top your mountain.

Describe the highlights of your visualization. Now create a short phrase or simply one word that captures the spirit of your visualization. Have fun with it, make this is the title for your 2008 theme song. Once you have selected your theme, put little reminders around your home or office.

It might be the actual words or a symbolic object. You might even want to create a little tune that you can whistle or hum to yourself. With this simple exercise you have created a personal vision for 2008, and you have an experiential memory of its fulfillment. Throughout the year, ask yourself, "What can I do today to move toward my vision?" With every decision ask, "Is this in alignment with my vision?" Or with each choice, ask "Is this an expression of my true self.

" Most of all enjoy the journey, let each step determine the next, and always remember the glorious view from the mountain top. Copyright (c) 2008 Karin Marcus.

Karin Marcus, Certified Life Coach / Retreat Leader "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do" Rumi 610-667-5247 Download your complimentary "Walking with Intention: A Self-Guided Mini Retreat"

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